‘I Came by’: Watch Two Sides of Hugh Bonneville in the New Netflix Thriller Movie and ‘Paddington’

‘I Came by’: Watch Two Sides of Hugh Bonneville in the New Netflix Thriller Movie and ‘Paddington’

Hugh Bonneville is not the kind of person you’d expect to be ready to kill you, burn your body, and flush your ashes down the toilet. But that’s actually the whole idea of I Came By, a new thriller on Netflix starring him as Hector Blake. He plays a high-ranking retired judge who has a sinister secret stashed away in his basement. Kelly MacDonald, well known for her role in Line of Duty, and George McKay also appear in the film.

In contrast with the conventional roles, he plays in the films like Downtown Abbey and Paddington, he’s played an entirely different role in I came by. Recently, we came across a youtube short from Netflix’s sister channel Still watching Netflix. Here, the Paddington Bear from the movie “cracks” the two sides of Hugh’s character from I Came by. Let’s check that out.

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Hugh Bonneville: I Came by vs Paddington 

Although it’s not the first time he’s played to a more sadistic rhythm. However, the casting will undoubtedly seem revolutionary to viewers accustomed to his performances in Paddington. He portrays the snobbish but ultimately endearing Mr. Brown in the film. A little bear with the ability to walk and communicate makes its way to London from the jungles of Peru. There, he is taken in by the Browns and raised as one of their own as he experiences New York City. Father and committed risk analyst Henry Brown is skeptical of Paddington’s claims and insists that he remain for just one night, but his wife Mary and their two children, Jonathan and Judy, as well as the maid Mrs. Bird, think Paddington to be adorable.


In the youtube short, you can watch the bear saying, “You’re kind, Mr. Brown”. But as soon as he says that, you can see Hugh’s character in his new release killing people ruthlessly. It obviously comes as a shock to the bear as he further says, “Me Brown, that was extremely rude.” Well he isn’t completely wrong.

You’ll know once you watch I Came By. Also, watch Paddington and let us know in the comments whether the bear is correct or not.

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