Character and Cast Guide to ‘I Came By’ on Netflix

Character and Cast Guide to ‘I Came By’ on Netflix

Thrillers are one of the most watched genres on Netflix. The streamer’s new movie I Came By would satisfy the viewer’s craving for this genre. The neo-noir thriller premiered on Netflix on 31tst August, with BAFTA award winner Babak Anvari, of the Under the Shadow of Wounds fame as the director. He also co-wrote the script with Namsi Khan.

The movie follows a young and rebellious graffiti artist named Toby who lands himself in trouble when doing one of his stints at ex-Judge, Sir Hector Blake’s house. Toby discovers some shocking secrets at the man’s house. This forms as a base for the thrill ride that this dark movie takes you on.

Meet the I Came By cast

In I Came By, Sir Hector Blake is a former Judge who is a respectable and elite member with powerful connections. He is played by Hugh Bonneville who was famously known for playing a member of the Crawley family in his periodic fancy British drama series. This role is a completely new makeover for the Downtown Abbey actor. 

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Toby is a typical youth who wants to fight society’s elite. He begins making a mark by drawing graffiti on the homes of the ultra-rich. His red-hoodie shields his identity and his weapon of choice is his can of spray paint. George Mckay plays the role of Toby. He is known for starring in British war drama Private Peaceful.

Kelly Mcdonald plays the role of Toby’s mother. Lizzie has a sour relationship with her son, the rebellious boy of the neighborhood. The Scottish beauty is known for her roles in Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter, the Deathly Hallows, and Brave among others.

Jay Agassi, played by Percelle Ascott is his friend and partner-in-crime for his graffiti stints. Jay finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and wants to stop the graffiti activity. He doesn’t want to risk running into trouble and has second thoughts, which leaves Toby alone on his quests. Ascott is a British-Zimbabwean actor and writer, known for Netflix’s Wizards vs Aliens.

Naz played by Varada Sethy is Jay’s girlfriend pregnant girlfriend in the movie. People know the actress for her role as Mishal Ali in BBC’s series Hard Sun

Some of the other cast members include Kitty Lovett, Antonio Aakeel, and Peter Brahmill.

 I Came By premiers on Netflix on 31st August. Will you watch the movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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