“I am gonna play Green Lantern in Gossip Girl” – Relive the Interview With Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Before the Release of ‘Green Lantern’

“I am gonna play Green Lantern in Gossip Girl” – Relive the Interview With Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Before the Release of ‘Green Lantern’

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have become arguably the best couple in Hollywood. Although, the history behind their meeting goes back to the set of DCEU’s Green Lantern, which was released on June 17, 2011. Back then, it had also been a year since the Deadpool actor filed for divorce from his then-wife, Scarlett Johansson, and was open to dating. And it was then that he met Lively on the set of Green Lantern, and today the couple is celebrating the joy of having their fourth child. But back before they started dating, the couple was busy with the promotion of Green Lantern.

The film did not do well at the box office, but it brought Reynolds and Lively close enough to become a power couple. Apparently, the couple had a great chemistry way before they started dating. While promoting the film, they did an interview in which their strong bonding is clearly visible.

Ryan Reynolds made Blake Lively laugh with this statement during Green Lantern promotions

The Red Notice actor along with his wife gave an interview to E! News in which he said, “I am gonna play Green Lantern in Gossip Girl,” while adding, “Some real cross-promotional stuff here.” Lively became famous for her role in Gossip Girl as Serena van der Woodsen, which eventually made her the sweetheart of America. It was a fun take by Reynolds, which made Lively laugh.

He also talked about his character and explained that Hal Jordan is confused about why he was picked to be the Green Lantern. The 46-year-old then answered the question himself by claiming that Jordan was picked because he did not fear anything. He had the unique ability to overcome fear, and that is what made him special; eventually, eventually called him “courageous”.

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As the owner of Wrexham AFC went on giving details about his role, his co-star was not in any way behind when it came to explaining her role in the film.

What did Blake Lively say about her character?

While Reynolds spoke highly of his character, Lively was not a step back when it came to appreciating her character, Carol Ferris. She spoke about how she is a fighter pilot and also runs her father’s aviation company. The best thing she said about her is, “She is full of strength but also femininity,” thus perfectly defining her character.

Surprisingly, the couple has not done a movie together after Green Lantern. They keep entertaining their fans with their usual jibes on social media. However, let’s hope they bring their fans a treat by working together again in the near future.

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