“I am definitely doing that”- Will Smith Once Learnt How to ‘Thrust His Pelvic’ From Bollywood’s Biggest Actor Ranveer Singh

“I am definitely doing that”- Will Smith Once Learnt How to ‘Thrust His Pelvic’ From Bollywood’s Biggest Actor Ranveer Singh

Can you imagine one of the biggest stars getting nervous before meeting someone? And not just any star. We are talking about Will Smith here. A few years back, Will met an Indian star who made his personality look small. And also, the same star taught Will some awesome dance moves. It’s none other than the most colorful actor in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh.

But how did these two meet? What made those YouTubers think this about Will? And most importantly, what song did Will and Ranveer dance on? Let’s tell you all the news.

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Will Smith finally learns to ‘Thrust His Pelvic’

Will Smith and Ranveer Singh met for the reality series Will Smith’s Bucket List. An old reaction video of Will from when he came to India to film his new program is trending. While there, he crossed a few items off his to-do list. One of them was learning about Bollywood music from Ramleela star.

Since the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2013 film Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram Leela, Ranveer has amassed millions of admirers. When discussing the many components of a traditional Hindi song, Ranveer told Will that the way songs are filmed for Bollywood movies is more like a “carnival.” He showed Will the video and explained to him how the Bollywood concept of “hero ki entrance” (hero’s entrance) works, using the example of his own song Tattad Tattad from the film Ram Leela.

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Later in the video, as Ranveer does the pelvic thrust, a lady can be seen genuinely swooning. Will laughed heartily with him when he saw this and taught him the movements, “Bang Bang, Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy. Lady Goes Down.”

After watching Ranveer’s dance, Will said, “I am doing that, I am definitely doing that.” Also, Ranveer told him that if a classic Bollywood film is excellent, people would think it is a “paisa vasool” film meaning a value-for-money film.

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