When Will Smith Presented Roger Federer With an Astounding Present From His Movie ‘Men in Black’

When Will Smith Presented Roger Federer With an Astounding Present From His Movie ‘Men in Black’

Celebrity-athlete linkups are always a grand and exciting affair. Time and again, we have witnessed various celebrities and athletes openly appreciating each other’s crafts. Moreover, some prominent and famous actors are also big-time sports fans and are often spotted in matches and events. One such celebrity-athlete meetup was between the two legends of their respective fields, Will Smith and Roger Federer.

Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis players to exist. Over the years, Federer has accomplished achievements people can only dream of. Federer’s playstyle is so astounding that even known personalities and celebrities are his fans. Amongst them is Will Smith. Previously, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gifted the 20-time Grand Slam winner an outstanding present from his movie Men In Black. 

What gift did Will Smith present to Roger Federer?

Back in 2012, after the Madrid Masters finals, a triple treat awaited Roger Federer post his victory against Tomáš Berdych. Apart from the trophy, the victory bumped Federer to the number 2 spot in the Association of Tennis Professionals rankings. To put the cherry on top, Federer was presented with a framed black suit by Will Smith from his classic movie Men In Black. Moreover, after the match, Smith took to the court and also addressed the crowd in Spanish. Smith was in Madrid for the premiere of his film Men In Black 3. Interestingly, The Pursuit of Happyness actor also wore the same suit in the film.

Meanwhile, Smith, in his speech, said:  “Hello, Spain. I’m very happy to be here today. As the framed suit was brought onto the stage, Smith turned to Federer and said, I have a very special present. This is my suit from my latest movie, ‘Men in Black III. From me to you. Congratulations.”

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The Swiss Maestro humbly accepted the gift with a smile and posed for the cameras with his thumbs up in gratitude. Roger Federer recently announced his retirement from Tennis on his Twitter account. With a career spanning over 24 years, el Reloj Suizo has also won 20 Grand Slam singles titles and 103 tour singles titles. Simply put, Federer was one of the greatest to ever do it.

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