Hypnotyzing! 21-Year-Old Billie Eilish Renders the Internet Speechless With a Tantalizing Bedroom Photo Thread

Hypnotyzing! 21-Year-Old Billie Eilish Renders the Internet Speechless With a Tantalizing Bedroom Photo Thread

Rendering the Internet speechless is a recurrent theme in Billie Eilish’s life. Now, be it by posting her mindblowing track Ocean Eyes on Sound Cloud, winning an Oscar at 20, dating someone a decade older, and most recently with her bedroom photos. Billie Eilish recently turned 21 and her birthday bash was no less star-studded than the red carpet at an MTV Award show. To take the temperature up a notch, Eilish was dressed in a Mrs. Clause-inspired outfit, and the Internet while mostly rendered speechless, had only one word to say and i.e “MOMMY”.

The 21-year-old singer posting racy bedroom photos for herself is not just a case of a celebrity blessing their fans. Eilish who shot to unprecedented fame at the age of fifteen, along with the turmoil of being a teenager also had to handle mass media scrutiny. Not long ago, the Internet hit a new low when photos of Billie Eilish dressed in workout gear went viral, and the Bad Guy singer, only eighteen then, was brutally body-shamed.

Ever since then, the Grammy-winning artist has candidly spoken about the issues she has with her body. And how she is learning to love herself. Therefore, the thread of Billie Eilish sharing an enigmatic bedroom thread with her 107 million followers on Instagram, looking Happier Than Ever, is a huge victory for both the fans of the artist as well as the Love Yourself community.

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Fans go gaga over Billie Eilish sharing a bedroom thread

Eilish when not releasing chart-topping records is seen on the front page of fashion magazines. The Oscar-winning artist made headlines when she ditched her usual baggy attire to pose in a corset for Vogue magazine. Although the singer later admitted that she did not know what she was doing, Eilish is now taking over the reins of her life.

Her latest Vogue cover story where along with climate change, she speaks about how public remarks shaped her views about her herself is a step in this direction.


While body positivity may be the bigger picture, currently the Internet is too busy swooning over the singer’s absolutely tantalizing bedroom pics.

Some fans have gone onto a Shakespearian rant about her beauty and well others have chosen an iconic monosyllabic adjective “MOMMY”.


Billie Eilish in skin colored corset on the front page of Vogue magazine is one thing, and Billie Eilish in a black negligee in her bedroom is a whole other level of heat. Eilish may be protecting the environment by opting for sustainable clothing but where is her accountability when she is raising temperatures with her bedroom pictures??

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Are you also stunned by the 21-year-old singer’s latest pictures? Let us know in the comments below.


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