How the Family Dance Scene From Bridgerton Season 2 Is One of the Most Meaningful Scenes in the Series

How the Family Dance Scene From Bridgerton Season 2 Is One of the Most Meaningful Scenes in the Series

Bridgerton doesn’t have many stoic characters. From time to time, fans catch even Anthony in his vulnerable moments. But, the ‘How the Family Dance Scene From Bridgerton Season 2 Is One of the Most Meaningful Scenes in the Series’ character who makes sure they never lose their composure is Lady Danbury. Well, except this one time. Even Lady Danbury let her guard down and enjoyed the festivities of the debutante season in this scene of Bridgerton season 2. Find here all details of the scene and the significance it holds, both in the series and historically.

Which scene are we talking about specifically?

You’re not the only one wondering which “dance” we were referring to. After all, this Netflix Original is known for its balls and everything that encompasses the same, including the exquisite costumes and the dance.

While there are a number of romantic or awkward couple dances, based on the pairing, there is only one family dance scene in season 2 of Bridgerton. This scene happens after Anthony is left jilted at the altar by Edwina. In a society surrounded by gossipmongers and an author whose words of scandal are the equivalent of “knives”, it is a tough situation for both the Bridgertons and Sharmas. Not to mention, this includes Lady Danbury as well.

In a very wholesome scene, we watch Anthony invite his little sister, Hyacinth to dance, much to her delight as well as the viewers’. The scene only progressively gets more endearing as we watch both the families get together and forget about all that is causing them stress for a while. But, the choreography of the dance and its hidden meaning makes this special scene even more so!

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How does the dance correlate to Bridgerton season 2?

The entire globe knows the rich history that the closely-knit continent of Eupore bears. A country on this continent known for its rich culture and traditions is that of Ireland. From Leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day to harps and their popular folk dances, we have seen Irish influence in many a film and series.

The characters in Bridgerton season 2 are performing a “traditional Irish jig”. A jig is a popular folk dance that is often very lively, as we have seen in Bridgerton or perhaps recall from the popular 90s film Titanic. This dance form has seen many transformations and modifications right from the time of The Celts.

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The history of a traditional Irish jig

While this dance form began at religious celebrations, it over the course of time came to be recognized as a celebratory dance. From the 16th century to the 19th, folks saw this dance as something only a few people could master and hence, perform. But, it was during the 20th century that dancing jigs to traditional music came to be a summertime activity across the country. Young people at this time met each other and danced their hearts out when they saw the long days of summer.

The dances to this day continue to be a part of Irish culture. They are still a significant part of any Irish celebration and have also spread to other European countries. The timeline of events doesn’t quite match that of the Netflix series. But, we cannot forget Julie Quinn’s words about Bridgerton not being “a history lesson”. The dance continues to be a symbol of happiness and celebration. It is often during these dances that people come together to commemorate their happiest moments together, as did the Bridgertons, Sharmas, and Lady Danbury after all that they had gone through.

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Bridgerton season 2 is available for streaming now!

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