How has The Oscar Incident Left A Mark on Will Smith’s Popularity

How has The Oscar Incident Left A Mark on Will Smith’s Popularity

Every other Hollywood actor in the industry has had some controversial past feuds that left a permanent scar on their careers. Many of them had established themselves as the most gloriously celebrated stars ever. However, some reported mistakes have resulted in their persistent downfall despite their talent. A living example of such a case is Will Smith and his infamous Oscar Slapgate earlier this year. 

The King Richard star has faced much hatred and criticism owing to the incident. While some decided to stand their ground, higher officials defamed the star imposing innumerable bans and sanctions. According to a recent report by Variety’s Intelligence Platform, the star’s reputation has dramatically decreased post the Oscar slap. Here is a detailed analysis. 

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The Oscar slap gate’s negative impact on Will Smith and his popularity

Vanity Fair says, according to data collected by Q score, Will Smith is no longer a highly celebrated star in the public’s eye. The striking differences in his Q score polls proved it all. With a positive score of 39, Smith was listed as one of the top 10 most positively ranked actors in the industry. He shared the top bars with celebrated stars like Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

However, right after the mishap in the Oscar ceremony on the 27th of March, his scores decreased. The Men in Black star reportedly fell from 39 and remained stagnant at 24 till July 2022. While Smith’s positive scores degraded, his negative scores skyrocketed with double the average baseline negative score for any actor. As is clearly visible, the Oscar slap gate proved a bit too expensive for Will to keep up with the scores. 

For context, Q scores in simple terms are a biannually measured statistic. It basically helps gauge a celebrity’s popularity in terms of scores. For any infamous spike in the star’s fandom, the ratings put up a negative number. Whereas for any glorious acclaim or popularity, they increase the positive accordingly. 

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What are your opinions about the aforementioned statistics? Do you agree with Will Smith’s drastic shift in the graph? Or do you have something more to chip in? Our comment box is all ears. 

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