“You cannot exist in a gray space”- Trevor Noah Has a Contention With Backlash to Will Smith Post Oscar Slap Gate

“You cannot exist in a gray space”- Trevor Noah Has a Contention With Backlash to Will Smith Post Oscar Slap Gate

While it has been months since the infamous Will Smith smackdown at the Oscars, much about the situation has changed. It all started with people unleashing utter criticism and backlash at the A-lister, but slowly people have started to come to his defense. The same happened with the famous star comedian Trevor Noah, who chipped in his support for the actor. 

Back when it happened in the month of March this year, the South African born talent had quipped a humorous remark on the matter. However, having observed that people are coming to Smith a bit too much, Noah decided to substantiate his stance on the matter. Here is what Trevor had to say regarding the Oscar fiasco. 

Trevor Noah strengthens his call on the Will Smith Oscar disaster by backing the actor

Noah, on a podcast with Variety, initially gave a comic start as is his custom to the matter by ironically defaming the award show. He said this (Will’s decade-long Oscar ban) is a favor. He mockingly remarked that “Smith does not have to go to the ceremony…and sit through a bunch of boring awards that he doesn’t care about.” Intriguing the viewers he said in a world like today, “you cannot exist in a gray space”. By which he meant you either have to be perfectly clean without a spot of flaw or you are total trash. 

Further getting into a serious tone, he raised certain eye-opening questions to the public. By measuring the scales of justice through the lens of humanity, he asked, “How many rights are worth a wrong, and what wrong erases all the rights?” He also aggressively talked about how a person whom we have loved for so long suddenly becomes a devil for not putting up with his wife being insulted. 

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In the light of Will Smith’s controversy, he also added about John Oliver beating him at award shows (Emmys) year after year. He lastly cheered up the star whose career was heavily affected after the incident.

What do you think about the same? Do you too concur with Trevor Noah on Will Smith? Or do you have something else to share? We are all ears.

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