How Many MCU Characters Can the Versatile Henry Cavill Potentially Shape Shift Into and Will He Ace Them?

How Many MCU Characters Can the Versatile Henry Cavill Potentially Shape Shift Into and Will He Ace Them?

Synonymous to his role as the Man of Steel and DCEU royalty, it is a bittersweet moment for fans to see the potential end of Henry Cavill as Superman. However, the remorse has significantly dialed down as the audience now has a new playing field. What’s the scuttle bug, you ask? Our very own Geralt of Rivia is allegedly in talks with Marvel Studios, and we might just see Cavill’s name brighten up the MCU marquee. 

The entire story is kept heavily under wraps in typical Marvel fashion, with just enough teasing to generate a buzz. So, unsurprisingly, fans have an entire catalog of Marvel characters ready for The Witcher star. We highly doubt there’s any role that is out of reach for the multi-talented all-rounder, Henry Cavill. Let’s find out what the roster comprises and speculate about the best fit for the British actor.

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MCU characters that Henry Cavill can morph into

Henry Cavill’s versatility as an actor is no secret. His portrayal of classic clean-cut heroes is just as effortless as the many gray characters he played on screen. No wonder fans have laid out options of superheroes and villains that Cavill can embody, should the rumors of him jumping ship to MCU come true.


Known as the Superman of Marvel comics, Hyperion will probably be the easiest transition for our very own son of Krypton. Marcus Milton is a member of The Eternals, just like the Hob Gadling-Esque Kingo.

The Eternals are extraterrestrial and genetically engineered beings brought down to Earth for the development of society. Hyperion possesses the stereotypical Superman powers of flight, speed, super strength, as well as heat vision. Cavill will feel right at home should he get to portray this Eternal.

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Sentry is yet another obvious choice for Cavill, as this character also has traits similar to Superman, with a little twist. Robert “Bob” Reynolds has a split personality with two diametrically opposite alter egos. The good side, called Sentry, is blessed with supernatural abilities to control and maneuver light and energy, along with strength.

The dark side, termed Void, is a villainous shape-shifter that can manipulate darkness and control people’s minds. This role will let Cavill explore the best of both worlds. Also, two Henry Cavills are better than one.

Doctor Doom

It’s high time that the incredibly layered Dr. Doom finally makes a good on-screen appearance. Doctor Victor Von Doom is an egotistic and maniacal character who uses his extraordinary scientific mind to gain power and control over his enemies.

The previous live-action renditions of the mad scientist fell flat and completely missed the mark. With Cavill’s experience of playing antagonistic roles, like in Mission: Impossible Fallout, fans are really excited to see him embody the masked menace from the Fantastic Four franchise.

Captain Britain

After Moon Kight and Doctor Strange, magic and mysticism have made their way into the MCU. So it is only a matter of time before another magical being called Brian Braddock, AKA Captain Britain makes his debut.

Blessed by the great Arthurian wizard Merlyn, this hero with roots in the UK might just be the perfect fit for British actor Henry Cavill. Cavill, himself, in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, expressed interest in playing a “modernized version” of the role.

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Union Jack

Another character hailing from the UK that would suit the English hunk well is James Falsworth AKA Union Jack. Almost always armed to the T, Jack’s speciality includes armed and unarmed combat with a deadly combination of covert operations and espionage skills. 

Luckily for Cavill, he has already played a character similar to this in Guy Ritchie’s Man from U.N.C.L.E. While there are rumors of this role being gender-swapped and Olivia Colman embodying Captain Britain, a little conjecture hurts no one.

If left to you, in which MCU role would you cast Henry Cavill? Let us know your thought in the comments below. For more Henry Cavill goodness, please watch The Witcher streaming on Netflix.

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