How Calling Out Will Smith After the 2022 Oscars Helped Geroge Wallace’s Career

How Calling Out Will Smith After the 2022 Oscars Helped Geroge Wallace’s Career

Will Smith is one of the most successful actors in the film industry today. Smith is an incredible entertainer who has made a name for himself in a very competitive field. Earlier, Smith was known for his films and acting skills but it all changed after the 2022 Oscars. Ever since the Oscar slap gate, the actor is going through a rough patch as many of his future projects are on-hold or cancelled. And amongst many popular individuals who criticised and called out Smith for his actions , one was fellow comedian George Wallace who had a few harsh words for the actor.

George Wallace is a renowned comedian and a dear friend of Chris Rock. Previously, Wallace called out Will Smith and slammed the actor for what he did. However, when Wallace called out Smith, it also had an affect on Wallace’s career. Strange as it sounds, the comedian made some interesting revelations about what happened after he called out Smith. Here is everything you need to know.

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George Wallace reveals how he had a career growth after calling out Will Smith

George Wallace was amongst the few celebrities who brutally criticised Will Smith. Furthermore, the comedian used extremely harsh words for the I am Legend actor. During an appearance on Comedy Hype, Wallace made some interesting statements on the Oscar drama. When asked what effect did calling out Smith have on his career, Wallace added how he has done several shows and appeared on almost all TV shows there is. However, none of his shows went half as viral as his statement on Will Smith did.

Wallace added, “People were calling me before I got home. Man that thing went crazy and went all over the world. I put it on my Twitter, it went everywhere.” Elsewhere, in the interview Wallace credited Chris Rock on how he stayed patient throughout the Oscar slap gate. The comedian added he would have not acted as patient as Rock and would have smacked the actor.

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However, since the Oscar incident the actor has apologised for his actions time and again. Previously, the Men In Black actor was even hanging out with Rock’s best friend Dave Chapelle. For now, Smith is gearing up for his next release Emancipation all set to release on December 9 2022.

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