“Mark my words…” – Will Smith’s Co-Star Is Confident That the Actor Will Be Friends With Chris Rock

“Mark my words…” – Will Smith’s Co-Star Is Confident That the Actor Will Be Friends With Chris Rock

Will Chris Rock and Will Smith be friends again? The I Am Legend actor has recently started coming into the limelight again. He has stayed under the covers since the 2022 Oscar debacle that nearly damaged the career that he built over three decades. But the actor is looking at the brighter side, even seeking professional help to change himself now.

Celebrities came in to criticize the entertainer strongly when he went up to the stage and slapped the comedian across his face. It happened as a result of the host cracking a joke about Mrs. Smith’s bald head. Since then, the Men in Black actor tried apologizing to Rock and mend the relationship. But is there any hope?

Will Will Smith and Chris Rock befriend anytime soon?

It has been eight months since Smith and Rock’s friendship turned rocky. But according to a source, some believe that the two could reconcile soon. Bai Ling, who worked with Will Smith on Wild Wild West, came out in his support by saying,I think eventually, Chris and Will will become very good friends. Mark my words, they will be.”

Although she agreed that he made a terrible mistake, she thinks he will move on from it as well. According to her, an artist wants to keep working and following their passion. Because for a successful actor, it is not about fame or Academy Awards, it is their love for acting and being able to continue it.

Along with the image, Will Smith’s projects were highly affected when the masses saw his actions on Oscars night. Perhaps, what made it worse was his grinning during the afterparty. A number of his shows and movies got stuck, including Apple TV’s Emancipation, which cost a whopping $120 million to make.

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The actor made a formal apology after attacking Chris Rock, but both fans and Rock did not forgive him. However, Smith has not lost hope yet and hopes for things to get back to the way it was before.

As a viewer, are you ready to see Will Smith back in movies again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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