Does Will Smith Inviting Dave Chappelle Opens the Door for Peace Negotiations with Chris Rock?

Does Will Smith Inviting Dave Chappelle Opens the Door for Peace Negotiations with Chris Rock?

Will Smith has had a very successful career in acting and rapping. Over the years, if there is one thing he was consistent with, it was incredibly powerful and highly entertaining performances in any role he is cast in. While Smith might have enjoyed a successful and long career, the road has not been easy for the Men In Black actor, with several controversies cropping up over the years. And, speaking of Smith’s controversies, one cannot help but think of the Chris Rock slap gate at the Oscars of 2022. And since then, the actor has been doing everything he can to redeem himself.

The 2022 Oscars was one of the most memorable award nights ever and for reasons that all of us know. While Smith did win his first Oscar that night, he received more criticism than praise. It has been months since his Oscar controversy and Smith’s repeated efforts to apologize bore no fruit. However, is Smith inviting David Chappelle for an event at his home going to help the actor redeem himself? Let us find out.

Can Will Smith hanging out with one of Chris Rock’s best friends help?

Ever since the Oscar controversy with Chris Rock, Smith has become subject to severe criticism and hate from the masses. From posting an apology video to writing down an emotional note, the actor has given it his all to make amends but to n avail. However, it seems like Smith has taken another shot by inviting comedian David Chappelle, one of Chris Rock’s dear friend for a private screening of his upcoming film Emancipation.

The timing seems to be somewhat ironic as Chappelle is currently on a comedy tour with Chris Rock. Smith took to Instagram to post the picture of the screening with the caption,“EPIC night!! Thanx for coming to see #Emancipation. Hope ya’ll enjoyed!!,”

Apart from Chapelle, the screening featured some of the most popular celebrities such as rapper A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, and NBA star Westbrook, to name a few. Emancipation will mark Will’s first film after the Oscar slap gate.

Emancipation is all set to make its way to the theaters on December 2 and will release on Apple TV a week later. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the film will also feature Ben Foster, Charmaine Bingwa, Gilbert Owuor, and Mustafa Shakir. Emancipation follows the story of Peter, a poor who escaped from slaver in Louisiana.

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