‘Home Team’ Is Now Streaming on Netflix – Check Out the Reviews, Cast, Trailer, and More

‘Home Team’ Is Now Streaming on Netflix – Check Out the Reviews, Cast, Trailer, and More

The sports genre has been a fan favorite for a long time. Who would not love watching real stories of underdogs winning? Although not all stories are about underdogs winning, most of them are. Thus, Netflix has added a new sports-comedy film, Home Team, to its ever-growing library. So, keep reading to find out if the movie fits your palette.

Netflix trailer for Home Team and cast of the movie

The trailer focuses on Kevin James as Sean Payton, and the actor is at his comedic best. Grown Ups fans will enjoy the short cameo of Rob Schneider in the trailer. The story follows a down-and-out coach suspended by the NFL trying to salvage his reputation by working as a coach of his hometown school. Indeed, the film is based on the true story of Sean Payton.

Home Team brings back some familiar faces from the comedy genre and introduces us to new stars. The following stars have contributed to the movie:

  • Kevin James as Sean Payton
  • Taylor Lautner As Coach Troy Lambert
  • Tait Blum As Connor Payton
  • Jackie Sandler As Beth
  • Rob Schneider As Jamie
  • Gary Valentine As Coach Mitch Bizone
  • Maxwell Simkins as Paulie
  • Jacob Perez as Marcos
  • Bryant Tardy as Dennis
  • Manny Magnus as Harlan
  • Merek Mastrov as Brian
  • Lavell Crawford as Gus
  • Jared Sandler as Eric
  • Sean Payton as Lionel the Janitor

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Are the reviews any good?

The film has received mixed reviews, but we hope they give you some clarity. Decider says: “STREAM IT, but you should expect that for kids, the bits based around bodily functions in Home Team are going to ring with more truth than any lessons learned.”

Roger E. Bert was critical of the movie saying: “Ignoring everything that NFL fans bring to “Home Team,” the real problem is that it’s just poorly constructed on its own terms. Pretend it’s not a “true story” and it’s still a shallow representation of sports, parenthood, and comedy, with almost no laughs.”

Additionally, the movie has scored 5.8 on IMDb ratings. So, viewers should make their choice carefully.

Does Kevin James fit the role of Sean Payton? Will you stream Home Team on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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