‘All of Us Are Dead’ Creator Tells How the Zombie Show Was Brought Into Being, Catch a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

‘All of Us Are Dead’ Creator Tells How the Zombie Show Was Brought Into Being, Catch a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Netflix has had a lot of success with K-dramas. Squid Game, Kingdom, Silent Sea, etc., have been a tremendous hit on the streaming platform. K-Drama’s hot new release, All of Us Are Dead premiered today on Netflix. This new series is adapted from a Webtoon, Now at Our School, and transports us to a school suffering an enormous zombie outbreak. Significantly, the Korean industry is no stranger to creating zombie movies and series. From the land that gave us critically acclaimed films like Train To Busan and Netflix’s enthralling historical series, Kingdom, the fans certainly have high hopes for ‘ll of Us Are Dead.

Creator’s narration of the scenes of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix

The premise of this series is quite intriguing. Furthermore, the high school setting of the show gives it an opportunity to add comical teenage banter and love amidst the apocalypse. They base the origin story of the virus on a father’s attempt to strengthen his son to protect him from bullying. A series of dreadful events unfold after the father, Dr. Lee, a professor of cell biology in the same high school as his son, develops a deadly virus in order to turn fear into rage.  

However, the story takes a turn for the worse when a hamster infected by the virus (Jonas Virus) escapes the science lab and ends up biting a student. As a result, the school suffers from a deadly zombie virus.

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The creator of the show, Chun Sung-il, talks about filming certain scenes on the set and the movie’s cast. Significantly, the lead cast includes Yoon Chan-young (Doctor John), Park Ji-hoo (House of Hummingbird), Cho Yi-Hyun (Hospital Playlist), Park Solomon (Sweet Revenge), and Yoo In-soo (At a Distance, Spring Is Green). Here’s a look at the tweet shared by Netflix on Twitter.

Fan’s reactions towards the release of the show

As a lot of K-Drama have taken the world by storm, the fans anticipate for every other series or show by the industry. There was a lot of excitement among the viewers following the release of the series on the streaming platform. Let us check out some tweets from the fans:

Hurry and stream All of Us Are Dead episodes on Netflix—the new destination for K-Drama thriller fans. And let us know in the comments what you think about the show.


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