“History of DC is pretty fu*ked up..”- James Gunn Blasts at Former Management as He Clears Air Around Henry Cavill and Superman

“History of DC is pretty fu*ked up..”- James Gunn Blasts at Former Management as He Clears Air Around Henry Cavill and Superman

Over the past few months, the new CEO of DC James Gunn has become subject to criticism from the masses. While the fans are unhappy over numerous decisions, one of the biggest upsets was firing Henry Cavill as Superman. Axing out Cavill was one of the biggest heartbreaks for the DC fandom. And the fans did not hold back from calling out Gunn and Peter Safran. However recently, Gunn made a shocking revelation about Cavill.

As of late, everybody has got their eyes on the new DC bosses as the duo plans to rebuild the franchise entirely. Not long ago, James Gunn announced his plans for DC as the franchise enters its new era. Apart from laying down the groundwork for the studio, Gunn also addressed Cavill’s departure from DC.

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Henry Cavill did not sign any official contract before returning as Superman?

When Black Adam first made its way to our screens, everyone was excited about two things: Dwayne Johnson’s DC debut and Henry Cavill return as Superman. Although the fans were eager to see more of the British actor stay, their dreams were cut short. And recently, Gunn took a moment to clear the air around Cavill’s return as Superman. Firstly, Gunn slammed the former DC management as he revealed to Variety, “As everyone here probably knows, the history of DC is pretty messed up, it was f***** up.”

Following that, Gunn admitted that he did not fire Cavill because the studio never hired the British actor. Strange as it sounds, the DC boss revealed that Cavill did not sign any official contract with the studio. On the other hand, Gunn did not hold himself back as he lashed out at the former DC management. Gunn revealed how no one in the studio was “minding the mint and everybody was handing out IP like they were party favors.” Moreover, Gunn added how the Enola Holmes star was getting “d***ed around” by the former regime at DC.

Meanwhile, the Suicide Squad director revealed that he liked Cavill calling him a “great guy.” While there seems to be no bad blood between the two, Cavill will not be a part of the new DC Universe. During his presentation, Gunn revealed that Cavill would not be the new Superman for various reasons including the age factor. Apart from Cavill, Ben Affleck too will not reprise his role as Batman.

As DC enters a new era under Gunn’s management, some of the major upcoming projects include Green Lantern and Superman.

What are your expectations from the new era starting at DC? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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