PLANS ARE SET! James Gunn Unveils Big Projects Featuring Superman and Green Lantern

PLANS ARE SET! James Gunn Unveils Big Projects Featuring Superman and Green Lantern

“Storytelling is always king. That’s all that matters to us,” said James Gunn while revealing his big plans for the upcoming projects for the DC Universe. After a long wait and seeing some artists go from the DC Universe, here is exciting news. James Gunn is finally ready to take the universe to a next level. His plan includes major updates about Superman and Green Lantern and much more.

Gunn axed many artists and characters that didn’t match his vision for the DC Studios. But fans were waiting to see what he would bring to the table. As the first project after their new leadership, Gunn proudly announced the release of Shazam! Fury of The Gods. Along with major projects like Supergirl, Batman, and more, he revealed major details about the fan-favorite character, Superman.

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James Gunn’s big promise for Superman, Green Lantern, and more

At the very beginning of his announcement, James Gunn pointed out DC has been disconnected from films and television for a long time. Now, it was their job to change it while catering quality content for the fandom. He wished to take the DCU forward with the continuation of the same story, played by the same characters, and, most importantly, staying grounded to the original plot lines.

Starting from Shazam! Fury of The Gods, he moved to The Flash movie which led him to talk about Aquaman 2 as well. While planning for the next 8 to 10 years of the DCU, he also revealed one part from the first chapter they’d planned. All these pieces of information led him finally to talk about the true beginning of the DCU, and that is Superman.

A glance at DCU’s future

Superman Legacy is the big project that fans have been waiting for. While revealing the details about the film, Gunn revealed he was halfway through writing the script. He even revealed the release date of the film, which is July 11th, 2025. Without going deep into details, Gunn roughly gave the fandom an idea about what the film would be.

The next thing he talked about was an HBO premiere television series called Lanterns. As he explained, it would be a story of a couple of Green Lanterns named Hal Jordan and John Stewart and more. This series would be exciting as these Green Lanterns would be space cops, and would give you beautiful detective vibes. While looking over the earth, they would discover a terrifying mystery that would tie them to a larger story in the DCU.

Along with these projects, he also talked about his passion project called The Authority. Paradise Lost (series), The Brave and The Bold (film), Booster Gold (TV series), Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (film), and Swamp Thing (film) are some of the major upcoming DCU projects.

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What are your expectations of these upcoming projects? Are you excited about the upcoming shows and films? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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