A Game of Thrones-Esque Chronicle? James Gunn Promises an Exciting Experience in a Possible Gal Gadot Return to DCU

A Game of Thrones-Esque Chronicle? James Gunn Promises an Exciting Experience in a Possible Gal Gadot Return to DCU

The DC Comics characters have a huge role in shaping childhood memories for many of us. While recently, DC Studios is going through a huge change, James Gunn revealed his big plans for the future. Gunn, along with Peter Safran and other writers, sat down to create an 8- to 10-year plan for the DC’s future. Gunn revealed he will make Paradise Lost a series among many big projects. Since the central character of the comic is Wonder Woman, is there a possibility of Gal Gadot returning as her iconic character in the series?

As James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the control of the DC Studios, they discontinued some of the fan-favorite characters portrayed by some talented actors. He made it clear that he was axing the characters to change the course of the plot lines. Fans found it a bit hard to cope with the news, while the Wonder Woman actress herself didn’t know about the discontinuation of Wonder Woman 3. But did James Gunn just give a hint about her return?

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Can Gal Gadot return as Wonder Woman in the DC’s upcoming project?

Yesterday, James Gunn revealed his plan for DC along with the first chapter of the upcoming films and series. Along with retelling of Superman and Batman and introducing other comic book characters, Gunn revealed his plan to make the Paradise Lost series as well. Paradise Lost is a Paradise island that is famously known as Themyscira and is the birthplace of Wonder Woman.

While talking about Paradise Lost, fans cannot stop thinking about Gal Gadot as Princess Diana. She has portrayed the character so well that she gained a huge fan following. Well, James Gunn recently announced his plan to bring back Wonder Woman in a Game of Thrones style. However, with the introduction of his new plan, can the actress come back to put on her iconic suit and fight against evil? Or will Gunn re-cast the character?

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Although there is no official confirmation about the casting for any of these projects. Only Shazam! Fury of The Gods and The Flash films are going to be released in the near future. However, while we await more information about this upcoming project, we would like to know your take on this. Do you think there is a possibility for Gal Gadot’s return? Who else would you like to see portraying the character? Share your thoughts with us while exploring more about Paradise Lost here.

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