His Deadpool-Like Courage Got Ryan Reynolds Suspended From School

His Deadpool-Like Courage Got Ryan Reynolds Suspended From School

If you have seen Deadpool, you would know how he behaves. Well, the character sometimes becomes stubborn and acts without thinking. But if we really think about it, haven’t we all at least once acted that way? Well, not when we enter adulthood. But while studying in school, we all have done something for fun that must have ended in a serious situation. Well, you’re not alone to have done it. The Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has lived his school life with the utmost adventurous spirit.

Right before the year 2022 ended, the world saw this American-Canadian actor starring with Will Ferrell in a Christmas film titled Spirited. The duo is as fantastic in the film as they are in the real life. While promoting the film, the Spirited actors came together to test their friendship. They both asked each other some exciting questions to know how well one knew the other. And the question-and-answer session was really hilarious.

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Ryan Reynolds embodied Deadpool before he even starred as the character

No matter how annoying Deadpool sounds sometimes, one thing every viewer surely admires about him is his strength. The actor who portrayed the character was as strong as his iconic character. And this Deadpool-like courage only got him suspended. One question about the Red Notice star was this: “What April Fools’ prank got me kicked out of school?” And these were the options: A) put a rotten fish in my teacher’s desk, B) stole my teacher’s car, and C) streaked during a high school football game. Well, The Office actor seems to know the actor better than we might think.

Will Ferrell said, “I’m gonna say for fun, you stole your teacher’s car,” while cracking into laughter. Well, the answer was correct. Reynolds, with his friends, including Jimmy (Rum) Barbados, actually lifted the car and walked away with it. It is totally understandable if you feel shockingly happy. But this is Ryan Reynolds, ladies and gentlemen! For pulling this mischievous prank, they got suspended from school.

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Well, the co-owner of the Wrexham AFC even pulled adventurous stunts during his school life. Have you ever pulled any pranks like this? What are the best high-school memories you have? Share them with us while streaming Deadpool on Disney+Hotstar.

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