FAILED! Ryan Reynolds, One of the Most Dramatic Personalities, Couldn’t Make It in an Unbelievable Subject in School

FAILED! Ryan Reynolds, One of the Most Dramatic Personalities, Couldn’t Make It in an Unbelievable Subject in School

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you first hear the name, Ryan Reynolds? Whatever comes is true. One of these adjectives that best suits the actor is ‘Dramatic’. Whenever we hear him talking about anything, the Deadpool actor says it in the most dramatic manner which makes his fans adore him the most. As good as a wit he has, the actor seems to have failed a subject you would not expect him to fail.

The American-Canadian actor recently appeared in a musical named Spirited with Will Ferrell. The film added music and charm to the Christmas spirit. While the actors have shared hilarious behind the scene moments on their social media handles, they appeared in LADbible TV’s Do You Even Know Me? They tested their friendship with a line of personal questions. And one of the questions revealed a surprising aspect of Reynolds’ academic career.

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Ryan Reynolds shocked Will Ferrell with a surprising revelation about his school test

The People’s Icon, Ryan Reynolds, has many great qualities, including making everyone laugh with his sense of humor. Will Ferrell is no less than this Red Notice actor. During this test, both actors asked each other a series of questions. One of the questions Reynolds asked was this: “Which of these classes did I fail at school?” The options were biology, drama, or gym. Now, the surprising part was The Office actor knew the history of Reynolds getting multiple injuries, as he was an amazing athlete. But the shocking part was the actual answer.

While we would assume he would have failed biology. The real answer was unbelievable because The Proposal actor failed in Drama. Despite being the most dramatic person, the actor failed the class because of the low attendance in the class. Well, that makes sense as the one who can pull off the character of Deadpool can never fail in drama because of a lack of knowledge.

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Everyone is waiting for Deadpool to come on the screen once again in the upcoming movie. Are you also excited to see another mind-blowing duo, Deadpool-Wolverine, together once again? What do you think is going to happen in Deadpool 3? Also, have you watched this hilarious duo, Reynolds-Ferrell, in Spirited yet? What was your favorite dramatic moment in the film, Spirited?

Spirited is currently streaming it on Apple TV+.

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