“He’s a late-night talk-show Sl*t”: When Ryan Reynolds Outed ‘The Office’ Actor in Front of Jimmy Fallon

“He’s a late-night talk-show Sl*t”: When Ryan Reynolds Outed ‘The Office’ Actor in Front of Jimmy Fallon

Ryan Reynolds, a Canadian-American actor, and producer, throughout his 30-year career in film and television, has received multiple awards and recognitions. He has played various characters and given them a distinct dimension with his creativity. His humor is one of the qualities that makes him who is he today. Now he’s coming with a different and breakthrough character with one of The Office stars. When Ryan appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, this is how he talked about his co-star and sold him out.

Ryan Reynolds outed his co-star on a national television

As much as fans loved Ryan Reynolds in his Netflix original, The Adam Project; they’d see him in another fresh character in an upcoming movie. Ryan Reynolds is going to star in an upcoming American Christmas-themed musical film Spirited. The film has The Office star, Will Ferrell. Ryan revealed this information on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. However, the official release date of the movie is yet to be announced.

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Though, when Ryan appeared on The Tonight Show, he talked about his co-actor and a little about the film as well. Along with Will Ferrell, he talked about Paul Rudd and his never-aging beauty. He praised Paul by complimenting him as, “The sexiest man alive,” and “Possibly the nicest human being in all of show business”. Whereas, he outed his other co-star, Will Ferrell. 

Originally, when the episode started, Jimmy Fallon introduced Ferrell and welcomed him. Instead, Ryan came and stole the show. He informed Jimmy that Will would not come. The confusion started from the beginning itself. Shockingly, when Jimmy confirmed Ryan’s presence, Ryan revealed the reason he was there.

Reynolds said he got a call from Ferrell asking him to cover for him. “Anything for you, Will,” answered Ryan and came to the show. He said that he was also enraged that Will didn’t show up. Ryan added that Will loved these late-night talk shows. “He’s a late-night talk show slut,” and Ryan speaks the truth sarcastically about Will that outed him on the television! Despite loving these shows, Will’s not showing up disappointed Ryan.

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Well, he did all of this jokingly. In reality, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell swapped the shows and surprised the hosts. With an upcoming movie, the fans would love to see them together on a big screen. Are you also a Ryan Reynolds fan?

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