Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Were ‘Haunted’ by a Third Ghost on the Sets of ‘Spirited’

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Were ‘Haunted’ by a Third Ghost on the Sets of ‘Spirited’

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell were haunted by a ghost on sets of Spirited. Who would’ve thought anything could terrify this duo? After all, they are one of the finest comedy actors that the Hollywood industry has today. While Will Ferrell holds on to his title as the Christmas King, this will be Reynolds’s first time working with the actor.

Spirited is a Christmas musical version of Charles Dickens’s classic story about the Ghost of Christmas Present. While this festive movie is mostly comedic, both Reynold and Ferrel were haunted by another ghost that absolutely terrified them during the sets. Here is what it was really about.

What haunted Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell?

Making a comical musical is serious business. No one knows it better than Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. The actors were haunted by the prospect of professional-level singing and dancing. Making the performance pressure into a third ghost for the two.

After all, a mainstream movie is not the same as tapping on music for an episode of SNL or a scene from Deadpool. Spirited represents real songs written by Oscar winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, and performed by broadway dancers. So giving it justice while being an exceptional representation of Charles Dickens’s story, demanded the need for perfection.

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Unlike Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell appears regularly in SNL and has worked in musicals before in the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. But the latter still admitted, “It’s a very different animal from messing around in a sketch. This is making singing feel believable and earnest.” While Reynolds described the stress level as a, “very specific dark red.” 

Trainers were sent to Ferrell and Reynolds homes even before the on-set training for beginners, so they could learn to tap. The Deadpool actor claimed that he had, “terrible dreams” about the songs that would keep playing in his mind. The movie was released on 11 November followed by 18 November on Apple Tv+. It is co-produced by them along with Ryan Reynold’s production company Maximum Efforts.

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