“He’s the Sexiest I’ve Ever..” – When House of the Dragon Actor Fabien Frankel Couldn’t Stop Praising Matt Smith

“He’s the Sexiest I’ve Ever..” – When House of the Dragon Actor Fabien Frankel Couldn’t Stop Praising Matt Smith

The Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, was the most anticipated TV series last year. The show broke viewership ratings and garnered rave reviews with the intricate plot and storytelling that is characteristic of every HBO show. The show introduced some stellar characters, but one, in particular, became a fan favorite quite quickly.

Matt Smith’s turn as Daemon Targaryen won hearts. The Doctor Who actor’s portrayal of a dangerous and manipulative character charmed the audience. He was dangerously sexy as the dragon-riding rebel prince. But it was only the viewers that were affected by his charms. Fabien Frankel too found him seductive.

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House of the Dragon star Fabien Frankel heaped praises on his co-star Matt Smith

During an interview with Times of London, Fabien Frankel who plays Ser Criston Cole on the House of the Dragon talked about the alluring nature of Daemon. 

Matt’s damn sexy in this show, he’s the sexiest I’ve ever seen him,” he said

The two characters first meet during a tournament in the first episode. They immediately have a heated showdown, however, there was an underlying tension in the scene. Apparently both the actors felt it. Smith was the first to acknowledge the tension when he had remarked to Frankel that maybe Daemon and Criston were flirting. 

While Criston resented Daemon for taking Rhaenyra Targaryen from him, he was never shown to have a romantic relationship with any other woman. However, Daemon’s sexuality remained a mystery. The show never directly hinted at his heterosexuality. In fact, deleted footage from the series led to further confusion. The scene featured Daemon making out with a servant. 

Emily Carey and Milly Alcock who played younger Alicent and Rhaenyra respectively also admitted that they felt that there was more than just friendship between the two characters. There was an intimacy in their relationship that was beyond platonic. 

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Now that Ser Christina Cole has also acknowledged Daemon’s sexiness, who are we to deny it? Did you also think Smith was sexy in it?

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