Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Will Be Younger Than Many Expected: Reports

Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Will Be Younger Than Many Expected: Reports

The new DCU plans are a hot topic for discussion currently. Especially when James Gunn revealed the first chapter of the DCU’s upcoming projects, people are quite excited about it. While fans are still processing the exit of Henry Cavill from the universe, Gunn revealed how he wanted to make a Superman film. Expanding on Gunn’s plan for the upcoming Superman film, fans anticipated the age of the young Superman.

Recently, James Gunn revealed his 8 to 10-year plan for the DC Studios. Because he wanted to connect the DC Universe with films, series, and games in a different way, he introduced various new projects. This introduced Superman Legacy as well, where he wanted to talk about the beginning of the DC Universe. While Gunn has been writing the script for the film, fans are wondering about the age of their favorite superhero.

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How younger the next Superman will be than Henry Cavill?

Well, The Witcher star would turn 40 on the 5th of May this year. Therefore, obviously, it wouldn’t be possible for the actor to portray a young Superman. However, Superman Legacy would showcase the beginning of the DC Universe, and the hero with a cape would be a little younger. So, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Clark Joseph Kent should be around 25 or so.

Considering the announcement by Gunn, Superman Legacy will not be a retelling of the story. Thus, Clark Kent is expected to be in his early 20s or around this age. This age of the superhero is interesting as he would still be at the earlier stage of his life with the least experience. Moreover, the age gap between Batman and Superman also won’t be a problem with this age of the young hero.

This is important because Gunn also introduced a Batman film in his plan for upcoming projects. Batman will have a child of 12 in The Brave and The Bold. Therefore, Batman could be in his 30s while Superman in his 20s makes sense. Interestingly, the new DC boss has already announced the release date of his Superman film, which is the 11th of July, 2025. Till then, fans have to wait patiently to see how the story would turn out.

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Since Cavill’s Superman comeback already had some hiccups even before the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran, this plan from the new CEOs would give the entire universe a new direction. What are your thoughts about it? How older do you think Superman will be in the film? Share your views in the comment box below.

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