‘Heartstopper’ Star Sebastian Croft “almost had a heart attack” Attending the ‘Stranger Things’ Event

‘Heartstopper’ Star Sebastian Croft “almost had a heart attack” Attending the ‘Stranger Things’ Event

Netflix and shows that bring the entire world together is a love story that never disappoints. Last month, the beautiful series, Heartstopper swayed away us all. And this month, we have the global sensation Stranger Things, making a return to our screens. And interestingly, both these shows met when Sebastian Croft attended the Stranger Things event in London.

Along with attending the event in the English capital city, Croft also got involved in a lot of exchanges with Stranger Things and Anne with an E star, Amybeth McNulty. And with the Hawkins fever taking upon everyone, this has given the Heartstopper fans to join the wagon as well. Here is everything that went down on Twitter, following the London Event of the Netflix series.

Sebastian Croft reveals why “the Upside Down is ain’t too bad”

Well, Stranger Things is without a doubt one of the greatest shows of our time. Hence, it is obvious that it will attract literally everyone to anything about it. In that spirit, we saw Heartstopper’s very own Sebastian Croft make his way to an event related to the show. And he ran into yet another star from another Netflix Original: Amybeth McNulty, who has been the face of Anne with an E and also the fresh addition to the Stranger Things cast, who hung out with Sebastian at the event.

The 20-year-old actress wrote about how fun it was to meet everyone at the event. She specifically tagged Sebastian and wrote, “We killed it“. Everyone including Netflix itself was happy about this crossover. The official Twitter handle of the streaming platform replied to Amybeth’s tweet “WE LOVE A NETFLIX CROSSOVER EVENT!”. The actress was also in the mood to have fun and replied that she was ready for a movie.

Now that Stranger Things is up and streaming all around the globe, would be interested to see Sebastian and Amybeth in a movie together? Let us know in the comments below.

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