“He put himself in that position” Millie Bobby Brown Comments on How She Feels About Her Best Friend Noah Schnapp’s ‘Stranger Things’ Haircut

“He put himself in that position” Millie Bobby Brown Comments on How She Feels About Her Best Friend Noah Schnapp’s ‘Stranger Things’ Haircut

Can you believe it has been over six years since Stranger Things first premiered on Netflix? Ever since the first season of the fantasy show graced our screens, it has been a massive hit. But, boy, has it transformed by the time season 4 rolled in! From the scale to the stars, everything about the show has grown bigger and better. However, there are two things that have not changed at all; Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp’s friendship and Will’s haircut.

Since the very first episode, Noah Schnapp’s character, Will Byers, has sported the infamous bowl cut. While the internet is up to the brim with numerous jokes about Will’s hair, Millie Bobby Brown has finally revealed her opinion on the hairstyle.

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What does Millie Bobby Brown think of Noah Schnapp’s bowl cut?

Stranger Things has displayed a variety of different hairstyles in the show. Specific character arcs like Eleven’s and the 80s setting of the show warranted some signature hairdos. Even so, all the other characters’ hairstyles have evolved through the seasons, except for Will. Noah Schnapp still has to wear that whacky-looking wig in the show.

Recently, Millie Bobby Brown took a polygraph test for Vanity Fair. One of the many questions directed at her was about Schnapp’s ill-famed haircut. She was put on the spot with a picture of Will from Stranger Things and asked if a “best friend” would let another friend “have this haircut“. Trying hard to control her giggles, she said,

He put himself in that position.

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The Enola Holmes actress even believes that the “Duffer brothers were out to get” Schnapp. However, when explicitly asked if her dear friend looked good in the hairdo, she initially tried to deflect the question. When urged further, she said,

I think he looks great.

However, that was a lie. As soon as the polygraph caught her lying, Brown expressed how it was time to move on. Through gritted teeth, she uttered,

Get the picture out of here.

What are your thoughts on Noah Schnapp’s haircut? Why do you think the Duffer Brothers are out to get him? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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