“He knows exactly what he’s doing”- Lil Duval Thinks Kanye West Doesn’t Need to Be Told Anything

“He knows exactly what he’s doing”- Lil Duval Thinks Kanye West Doesn’t Need to Be Told Anything

Lil Duval has some strong opinions on Kanye West. Celebrities and fans have seen West’s journey from being an upcoming rapper to gaining worldwide fame. While everyone appreciates his musical genius, there are often questions and concerns about his controversial statements. Regardless of the negative or positive comments, Ye manages to remain one of the most trending celebrities. However, it comes at the cost of getting banned on social media, podcasts, and mainstream coverage.

Recently, comedian Lil Duval gave his two cents on Donda rapper. He denied giving any advice to West while also drawing a comparison with a rapper.

Lil Duval has a take on Kanye West after the rapper’s strong opinions

Those asked about Kanye West often have different views on the opinionated singer. But comedian Lil Duval thinks that people take the singer the wrong way. The Florida-born comedian recently appeared in the Club Shay Shay Podcast wherein he spoke about his own work, life, and, of course, Kanye West. Host Shannon Sharpe asked what Duval would say if Ye was in front of him. To which he replied, “The boy ain’t crazy, he knows exactly what he’s doing.” 

The comedian is surprised by how people think that Ye is crazy. He stated how, being a Gemini sign himself, he knows that West is fully aware and cannot be told how and what to do things. But this is not the first time that Duval has commented on Ye.

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Duval previously referenced Ye in his own funny way

While Lil Duval credited Ye for saying he knows what he is doing, the host asked him how it goes in line with losing a billion dollars. The comedian said, “That’s the arrogant part”. He made a reference to biting a hand that feeds you. The comedian once predicted how Ye would lose his billion dollars, which eventually happened.

He even made a video mimicking West once, showing how easily distracted the singer gets during interviews. While he has made fun of him, Duval is assured that Ye does what he does with full awareness.

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