After Facing Huge Financial Catastrophe, Kanye West Halts Construction at His Malibu House

After Facing Huge Financial Catastrophe, Kanye West Halts Construction at His Malibu House

Kanye West has been for involving himself in verbal battles throughout his career as a rapper and producer. People were never affected by his controversies and ignored him most of the time. However, the last few weeks turned out to be a culminating point for him. The rapper was condemned by industry figures after he supported white supremacists and made antisemitic comments. West lost over $1 billion after companies canceled deals with him owing to his remarks.

In particular, he used to make a huge amount of money with his collaborations with brands like Adidas and Gap, which are gone now. The Donda singer has only $400 million in net worth, which seemingly fails to cover his vast expenses. After facing a huge financial catastrophe, Kanye West has halted construction at his Malibu House. 

Kanye West has stopped the renovation of his Malibu House 

According to a recent report given by The Richest, Kanye West has stopped the construction at his Malibu house. Inside source tells that it has a connection with his recent controversies, which led to financial decline.

“Ye has mostly been living at the Waldorf for the past month with [his new girlfriend] Juliana [Nalu],” revealed a source. They added that the current stay is hugely costing the Ex-billionaire. As the charges for penthouses are $1,204 to $4,018 per night and West doesn’t want to compromise with his image, so he halted the construction instead.

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The Atlanta born star bought the Malibu house in 2021 for about $58 million and gave it to Tadao Ando for designing. However, he stopped the extensive renovation just now and was recently caught there. Not just this, the Grammy winning singer has also paid his ex-staff after their claim of mistreatment and racism. It was reported that Kanye West has given an undisclosed amount to employees after he allegedly made antisemitic comments.

Meanwhile, Adidas is still keeping the Yeezy brand created by the rapper just without Kanye’s collaboration. Since they are the sole owner of all the designs and have registered rights to the existing product.

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What do you think? How will Ye cope up with this mess he created himself? Tell us your views in the comments and stay tuned for more updates.

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