“My pick is..” – Kanye West Once Revealed the One Actor He Wanted to Play Him If a Biopic Was Ever Made

“My pick is..” – Kanye West Once Revealed the One Actor He Wanted to Play Him If a Biopic Was Ever Made

Kanye West is much more than an entertainer; he is an icon. The entertainer, who is very aware of his big presence, once wanted a particular actor to play his role if a movie about him was ever made. While no such movie has happened yet, the entertainer’s fame could make this possible.

Despite the recent troublesome times, neither fans nor celebrities can deny Ye’s success. From his career that began in the early 2000s to this day, the world has seen his highs, his lows, and everything in between. If a biopic about his life and career is made, here is one star that he thinks could play him well.

Kanye West wanted to see this one actor play his role if a biopic was ever made

If a movie on Kanye West is ever made, it would take one powerful actor to pull off the role. While the ‘Donda’ singer is very selective, he did not stutter when choosing an actor to play himself. As reported by The Sun, in a since-deleted post, West once revealed to his 17.9 million followers that if a biopic on him was ever made,my pick is Jamie Foxx One of the greatest geniuses.Considering their long-living bromance, the answer comes as no surprise.

Foxx is undoubtedly an established actor, with Django Unchained, Collateral, Soul, and Ali being some of his best works. He would also add to the perfection of the character. During the Graham Norton Show, Foxx told a hilarious story to explain the musical genius of Ye while still new in the industry.

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Despite any such movie not being made so far, the two have worked on several projects together.

Kanye West and Jamie Foxx have collaborated on multiple projects before

Jamie Foxx was always interested in music. His 2005 collaboration for ‘Gold Digger’ with Ye won the Grammy Award. They were said to be working on a musical project in a 2017 reunion.

He also appeared in Ye’s 2022 documentary jeen-yuhs: A Kanye trilogy that followed Ye’s musical career. A clip in the documentary showed the then-duo producing music in the studio room. Foxx has never responded to whether he would take up an affair to play Ye in a movie. But the singer already has several documentaries made about him.

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If a biopic on Kanye West was made, whom would you want to see playing in the lead? Comment your thoughts.

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