GIRLS UNITE! Irina Shayk Takes Kylie Jenner’s Side Amidst Lion Head Costume Criticism

GIRLS UNITE! Irina Shayk Takes Kylie Jenner’s Side Amidst Lion Head Costume Criticism

Irina Shayk has come in defense of Kylie Jenner over her lion head costume. The model also walked at the Paris fashion show. With stars dazzling in their own unique looks, two celebrity is called the attention of all. One was Doja Cat with her red crystal look, and the other was Kylie Jenner.

Now the Kardashian and Jenners are known for their risky styles. This time, the Kylie cosmetics owner when wild with her attire carrying a lifestyle imitation head of a lion over her black dress. While she was very clear about it being a man-made work, some people are criticizing and call her out over the animal’s head. Coming in defense now is model Irina Shayk.

What did Irina Shayk have to say about the lion head costume that Kylie Jenner wore?

Fashion does not come without some controversy. While Kylie Jenner highlighted her Paris Fashion Week style as being a man-made one, some people are criticizing her choices. They think that despite it not being made of a real animal, the head of the lion may send out a message that encourages hunting. Now, model Irina Shayk has spoken out in defense of the sculpture. As per PageSix, she took on social media and wrote, “I support these incredible artists who worked tirelessly, with their hands, using wool, silk, and foam, to sculpt this embroidered Lion.” 

She explained how it had been made from silk, sponge, and cotton. Schiaparelli, the fashion house, made it while exploring themes of strength. The post contained several behind-the-scenes photos of her from the Couture Paris Fashion Week, where she walked the ramp to showcase the lion head that Jenner wore as well. The lion apparently represents pride which is an inspiration by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno.’

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The poem also had a she-wolf and a leopard that represented greed and lust, respectively. Not only Shayk but PETA also gave their thumbs up to the costume claiming that it celebrates the beauty of wild animals and may represent an anti-hunting statement.

So far, both celebrities have stood their ground, crediting artists that spend long hours to create the realistic look of the lion. What do you think of Irina Shayk’s defense of the lion head costume worn by Kylie Jenner? Comment your thoughts.


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