The Internet Gushes in Awe As Kylie Jenner Shares First Pictures of Son Aire Webster with Travis Scott

The Internet Gushes in Awe As Kylie Jenner Shares First Pictures of Son Aire Webster with Travis Scott

Baby number two is here. Kylie Jenner and her long-time partner Travis Scott have been blessed with another child. Their first baby, Stormi Webster, was born in 2018 and is now taking the role of elder sister. While Stormi’s birth was only announced later, the second child’s birthday was recorded rather immediately.

Scott and Jenner have been blessed with a baby boy now. She gave birth to him in the Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where the father was clicked holding the child. Now, the baby boy was initially named Wolf. But the socialite has now got on social media to announce his permanent name, while also revealing his face to the world.

Kylie Jenner shares an adorable photo of her son with a simple post

The Kardashian- Jenner has made a new addition to the family. The young entrepreneur and proud mother shared the baby’s photo on social media. A Twitter post dropped the photo of her son. One photo had her holding him in front of the camera with a selfie, while in the other photo, Aire Webster is the name of the baby. While he was initially named Wolf Webster, the socialite then clarified that the baby’s name has been changed to Aire. So the post was almost like a reintroduction of the baby with a new identity. The boy will turn one today, with his birthday being on 2nd February.

She felt that his name did not suit his personality, and had been lingering over the idea of a name change for a long. Apparently, she felt rushed to name him, and realize they had made a mistake with the name just after signing the birth certificate. Jenner shared the photo f Aire Webster on Instagram first.

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The self-made billionaire who is usually known for Jenner’s stylish way of doing things kept this post rather simple. So far Stormi has been largely present on social media with the Kylie Cosmetics owner. But with an additional member, the socialite is likely to invite more crowds. It is to be seen how she celebrates Aire Webester’s upcoming birthday now. What do you think of his new name? Comment your thoughts.


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