From Green to Blonde, Here’s How Billie Eilish and Her Hair Evolution Is Setting Trends

From Green to Blonde, Here’s How Billie Eilish and Her Hair Evolution Is Setting Trends

Starting from her debut single Ocean Eyes Billie Eilish has been wildly breaking the internet with her incredible voice. The 20-year-old superstar gained commercial success with the 2017 album Don’t Smile at Me which topped in 15 countries. This young talent is slamming whether it’s creating music or taking on new styles. As we know every artist has a different way to express their inner creativity and she has the most unique one.

The Bad Guy singer loves to experiment with her hair and keeps on switching to new colors from time to time. Her distinctive sense of style has become a definition of cool for her fans. Are you looking for her hair inspiration? Have you seen all the jam-dropping hair transformations of this singer? From green to blonde, here’s how Billie Eilish and her hair evolution are setting trends.

Billie Eilish is the hair icon who never failed a single hue

It seems billboard smasher Billie Eilish has mastered all the hair color trends over the years. And she has taken so many new looks many people might not know the natural color of her hair. Well, it’s BLONDE! Not to mention, we do not even consider it much because her ever-changing hair is a sensation that makes fans forget everything else. Everything I Wanted singer has dabbled in all manner of shades and they are so funky that many thought at times she is wearing a wig. But it is certainly all real! Below, we have collected some of the most iconic hues that might inspire your next look.

Silver Grey

This is one of the most suited hair colors that Billie took in the initial years of her career. You might have seen the look in the music videos of Ocean Eyes and LovelyMoreover, if you are video game savvy then you might see that she looks like one of those jazzy female characters.

Bright Blue

In 2018, the singer posted her new hair on Instagram with a caption: “nori from barbie fairytopia” flaunting this color. This look is one of the rarest hues she adorned and fans were obsessed with this color when pictures came out.

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Neon Green Roots 

Billie Eilish took this hair inspiration from the famous cartoon character of the Powerpuff Girls show. This color was her biggest look in 2020 and stuck with it for over a year. With neon green in the roots, she dyed the rest of her hair black.

Rose Gold

Happier Than Ever singer sported this lilac shade in the mid of 2018 that gave a complete fairytale vibe. She looked like a barbie in this look and received much compliments and we are swooning over this evolution.

Turquoise Blue 

Like waves of a sunny ocean, this cool hair hue gave a flippant vibe that perfectly mingled with her bright sea eyes. Billie has dyed her hair innumerable times over the years but this felt more like hip-hop.

Blonde Bombshell

James Bond singer took revealed her brand new butterscotch hair on Instagram last year on her Vogue cover page. The young star looked ravishing in these bleached blonde locks and sprawling stylish outfits in the photo shoot.

Jet Black

After trying every vibrant and ashy hair color Billie Eilish is currently donning true black hair. As we recently saw her with Zane Lowe celebrating the end of her sixth world tour. While she is constantly seen in space buns with bangs as fans might have seen her on tour.

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What do you think about all the fascinating looks she has taken till now and what’s more to come? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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