Billie Eilish Had a Clear Allegiance in the Thick of the Charlie Puth-Benny Blanco Feud

Billie Eilish Had a Clear Allegiance in the Thick of the Charlie Puth-Benny Blanco Feud

While celebrity feuds are certainly not new phenomena, the rise of the internet has definitely made them more engaging for the audience. There was a time when fans had to rely on established media houses for live updates. Today, it is just a matter of following the trends. In the few weeks from the end of November 2021 to early January 2022, the world saw a major clash between singer-songwriter Charlie Puth and record producer Benny Blanco. Just as everyone shared their opinions on the matter, artist Billie Eilish also made her stand explicit.

Eilish has been a fan favorite ever since her debut in 2015 with the hit single Ocean Eyes. Apart from being impeccably talented in her work, the Lovely singer is also known for her candor. She hardly ever shies away from expressing her thoughts and opinions publicly. Let us find out whom she supported in the Charlie Puth-Benny Blanco spat.

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Charlie Puth or Benny Blanco: Whose side was Billie Eilish on?

For many artists of this generation, TikTok became a wonderful platform to promote their creations and also engage with their audience. This was especially true for Charlie Puth while he was boosting his song Light Switch. For some reason, this strategy did not go down well for record producer Benny Blanco. It was then that the infamous and long-drawn feud between the two began.


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♬ See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) – Wiz Khalifa

From mockingly imitating the Attention singer to commenting on his looks, Blanco left no stone unturned to put Charlie down. In one of the clips, Benny even addressed Puth as a “fu*king loser.

You sit in a room all day and make TikToks,” said Blanco, openly questioning Charlie Puth’s talent.

Ironically enough, this entire ordeal was also taking place on TikTok. Billie Eilish was quick to defend the Left Right Left singer and also pointed out the obvious. She shared Blanco’s video and added her own clip, calling out the producer.

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What do you do all day, Benny?” enquired Billie Eilish, calling out his hypocrisy. She further stated, “The same thing. Literally, the same thing.

Puth expressed his gratitude to the Happier Than Ever artist in the comments. After a point, fans started questioning the authenticity of this feud. Many believed that it was fake and merely a publicity stunt. In fact, Chainsmokers also had an interesting take on the matter. Blanco and Puth had previously collaborated on Puth’s 2019 single I Warned Myself. 

However, many celebrities like Kanye West and John Legend have gone from working together to having a fallout. Do you think the feud was real? Let us know in the comments.

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