Friends at Last! Hugh Jackman Shows Rare Love to His Long Time ‘Frenemy’ Ryan Reynolds

Friends at Last! Hugh Jackman Shows Rare Love to His Long Time ‘Frenemy’ Ryan Reynolds

In the tinsel towns, not all celebs get along well. We recently had a controversy with Kylie Jenner mocking Selena Gomez. However, that is not the case for long-time friends and rivals, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The two stars first met on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009 and they immediately hit it off. The two have shown off their bond online, throwing their colorful shades at each other. They definitely keep the fun alive with jokes and banter. The duo is rarely seen appreciating each other online if not sarcastically. However, the rare moment finally arrived when Jackman offered a rather nice compliment to his bestie. 

T-Mobile recently acquired Reynolds’ Mint Mobile. To announce the acquisition and the changes that are coming along with the new shift, the Canadian shared a funny advertisement. He wrote that he thought this was the best thing for Mint’s customers and was quite happy with the deal. The Greatest Showman star saw the post and wished the star well for the newest development. But of course, he couldn’t help but add a bit of snarkiness to his comment. Jackman mentioned that he has used up his annual singular nicety quota for Ryan Reynolds and hence the latter should expect no more compliments from him this year!

In the video, the Canadian made sure to inject humor as he always does in all his advertisements. He assured Mint users that they are keeping the improvised and borderline reckless strategy and the monthly plan. He further quipped that he wrote that with a crayon in the contract. 

But keeping the one-day nicety aside, their feud got a lot more intense after the Deadpool 3 announcement. 

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman feud continue in and outside the gym 

As the two announced to star together in the threequel, they quickly started hitting the gym to get in shape. Their gym sessions continued, along with constant jabs at each other. The Deadpool actor recently teased the Aussie with a gym post stating that he is keeping up with the Jackmans.

The Wolverine in return took a different approach and posted a photo with director Shawn Levy. In the post, he hinted that they talked behind Reynolds’ back! 

Do you think their faux feud will ever stop? Tell us in the comments below.

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