Ryan Reynolds’ Underdog Racing Movie Is Hitting the Bar High on Netflix

Ryan Reynolds’ Underdog Racing Movie Is Hitting the Bar High on Netflix

When we think about racing movies, what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? Well, there are plenty of names one can give since Hollywood has never been shy to put talented celebrities behind the wheel. From Roger Corman in Death Race 2050 to Days of Thunder, starring Tom Cruise as a rookie NASCAR driver, the industry has provided fans with some memorable films. Not to forget, the iconic franchise The Fast and the Furious depicting Paul Walker and Vin Diesel remains the most thrilling ride to date. Adding its name to the top list, Ryan Reynolds’ underdog racing film is now taking over Netflix.

A 3D computer-animated comedy titled Turbo is currently a Top 10 movie on Netflix. It is surprising how this movie has caught the attention of viewers on the streaming giant almost after ten years of release. Not just that, it has been maintaining the graph for the past week for the cute story it narrates. Turbo is an ordinary story of an unusual snail named Theo aka Turbo, voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

This unlikely garden snail wished to take part in a racing competition and win – the Indy 500. Many might be wondering how a snail could go against its nature and be a fast, speedy racer. Since we all know that snails are even slower than turtles. But that’s where the twist came in, because Theo changed this through his sheer passion.

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After watching a racer named Guy Gagné, who won the Indy 500 five times, he desired to be like him. Fortunately, his wish was fulfilled by a falling star in the sky that turned him into a supercharged racer.

Did you know Ryan Reynolds voiced the character Guy in The Croods? 

People who have already watched the DreamWorks Animation feature The Croods might know about Guy. He was a modern human who met the cave family of the protagonist named Eep. The Deadpool star lent his enchanting voice to the character for both films, which were released in 2015 and 2020.

Besides him, there are many celebrities who did voice-overs of the animated character in this comedy drama. It included actors like La La Land star Emma Stone, Oscar winner Nicolas Cage, and the Get Out star Catherine Keener.

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Trope and The Croods are currently available for streaming on Netflix. Go watch them right away and later let us know your views in the comments.

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