Finn Wolfhard Labels Mike Wheeler’s Dress-up as “Gross” and Advices His Character to “Listen More” in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Finn Wolfhard Labels Mike Wheeler’s Dress-up as “Gross” and Advices His Character to “Listen More” in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Stranger Things season 4 premiere was a star-studded red carpet gala! It took place in NYC and had the fans enchanted with its execution. In the gala, journalists asked the stars of the show several questions in front of an audience and its clips are going viral, given the explosive hype for season 4. All their interviews are reflective of one common thing—The new season is a new niche. During one such promotional interviews, Finn Wolfhard dropped details on Mike’s outfit from the upcoming season, and also advised his character.

Finn Wolfhard calls Mike Wheeler’s outfit “Gross”

The new season is more in every way. It’s gorier, scarier, deeper and has the wildest endings of all. Finn said you shouldn’t be watching the new season if you don’t like blood. The interviewer asked what it was like to travel outside Hawkins this year and Finn replied by sharing how Mike had an image of how Californians dress and that’s how he dressed up. “He wore a lot of flip flops, it was really gross,” added the actor.

He was also asked about the advice he would give his character to navigate the murky waters of the new season of Stranger Things. Finn scratched his head before saying, “listen more” and “focus up a little bit” because he thought “Mike was in his head a lot” and was pretty clueless most times except the times when he was protecting someone.

Mike Wheeler’s Stranger Things season 4 vibes

Mike Wheeler is everybody’s hero. He seldom goes wrong with ideas and protecting the needy triggers his passion. In the new season, Mike is now a high schooler. He has joined the official Dungeons and Dragons Club in his school; with Dustin. It’s called the Hellfire Club and is headed by Eddie Munson, who becomes an important character in season 4. The show’s official Twitter accounts revealed Eddie’s character.

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At the end of the season 3, Mike suggested Eleven to come back to Hawkins for Christmas so they could open their presents together. The new trailer shows the two of them together, suggesting that the distance hasn’t mattered after all.

But according to Caleb McLaughlin aka Lucas, the new season is shot in many different locations and so there’s a lot of separation. Hope the distance isn’t too hard on Mileven. 

Finn Wolfhard has given his take on Mike’s clothes, what do you think of his fashion sense?

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