“Feel it in the viens” – Don Toliver Reveals Kanye West’s One Advice Has Influenced His Entire Music in This Way

“Feel it in the viens” – Don Toliver Reveals Kanye West’s One Advice Has Influenced His Entire Music in This Way

Don Toliver has credited his success to various people, and one of them is Kanye West. Rap musicians often seek inspiration and connection to penetrate better into the music industry. West himself got several of his opportunities through Jay-Z. But while Toliver was featured on an album for the first time through Travis Scott, it was Ye’s advice that helped him out.

West is known for diving deep to create his music, whether it would be through time, money, or out-of-the-world ideas. He passed on a similar thought to Toliver once. A thought that the ‘Love Sick’ singer respects to this day.

The one piece of advice that Kanye West gave to Don Toliver

Texas-born rapper Don Toliver climbed the ladder of musical achievements in a pretty short time. The artist recently guest appeared in an episode of The Jon Budden Podcast, to discuss his life, career, and learnings. During this, he recalled Ye giving him one creative piece of advice that he follows to date. Ye told him how you must feel something the minute you listen to the music.“‘If you don’t feel it in the veins, it ain’t what it needs to be”, the Yeezy owner as per Toliver.

Toliver commended Ye for being one of the most transparent people in the industry. The two even collaborated on Ye’s album ‘Donda 2’. ‘Broken Road’, ‘Moon’, and ‘Closed for Business’ are some of the songs they have created together, with or without the involvement of other artists.

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The album never got an official release, with Ye claiming that there were no profits from its exclusive launch on Stem Player either. Either way, the ‘Afterparty’ singer succeeded on his own path and has dropped several albums.

A look into Don Toliver’s discography

In May 2017, he released the hit singles I Gotta and Diva. Atlantic studios got a hold of the new talent and released his first major album Donny Womack in the following year. Thereafter, he and Travis Scott collaborated for the BET Hip Hop Award-winning album Astroworld. Can’t Say is the song that they sang together, after which they worked on several projects together.

Other than Scott and West, he has collaborated with Eminem, Offset, and Kaash Paige. The rapper is now busy promoting his latest and third album, Love Sick, featuring Justin Bieber, Wizkid, and even his girlfriend Kali Uchis.

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