“He personally acknowledged..” – Lawyer Denies Kanye West Making Any Profit from Donda 2 Sales, Despite $2.2 Million Worth Revenue

“He personally acknowledged..” – Lawyer Denies Kanye West Making Any Profit from Donda 2 Sales, Despite $2.2 Million Worth Revenue

The wrongful sampling case against Kanye West is continuing after a brief break. Ultra Music International Publishing is seeking compensation from the entertainer under the suit they filed against him for illegal music sampling. However, the ‘Donda’ singer has denied these allegations while also stating that he made no profits from the album.

Ye’s previous lawyers have successfully withdrawn from representing him. Peter Hawke, an Oregon-based lawyer, is now representing him. The new lawyer has now put out a statement in court in defense of his client.

Ye’s lawyer explains how he never made profits off the album

UMIP seeks compensation of $150k for each infringement they have accused Ye of making for the ‘Donda 2’ album. But as per All Hip Hop, Hawke said in the court, “Ye denies that he personally acknowledged in discussion with representatives for Mr. Jefferson and UIMP”. The song of the subject was ‘Move Your Body’, released in 1986 by Marshall Jefferson. UMIP holds the right to the song and claimed that he approached them about it, but later sampled the music without any payment or proper contract.

West previously made claims in a now-deleted post about making millions from stem player, where he launched the album. The post talked of him admitting to earning more than $2.2 million without the album even being out. But with the ongoing case, his lawyer claims that the singer, in fact, made no money or earnings from the project. So while there was the sale of the stem player, the profit did not go to Ye.

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What is the long-going suit about? Here is a look at the case.

A brief of the case that UIMP has filed against Kanye West

UIMP holds rights over the ‘Move Your Body’ song. Ye is said to have used it for his album ‘Donda 2’ for the ‘Flowers’ song. Ye had collaborated with KANO music company for launching the Stem player, which also had preloaded songs from the album. Although they have split now, the album did not reach the way it was expected.

Now music sampling and copyright infringement cases are quite common when it comes to the music industry. West’s ‘Life of the Party’ song is claimed to be an exact reproduction of South Bronx owned by Boogie Down Productions. As for the current case, it will be seen how he proceeds now that the new lawyer is in charge of it.

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What do you think of West’s claim of not earning any profits from ‘Donda 2’? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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