Fans Speculate the ‘Bridgerton’ Surprise Teased by It Official Twitter Account Following Season 2 Release

Fans Speculate the ‘Bridgerton’ Surprise Teased by It Official Twitter Account Following Season 2 Release

Netflix isn’t done with the many surprises it has given us with Bridgerton season 2. First, it surprised us with a slow-burn romance between Kate and Anthony, second, it changed the Sheffields to Sharmas and now, it is toying with us fans. Making us scratch our heads over a cryptic tweet. Are they trying to tell us something? Are we going to get a sneak peek at season 3? We believe we may have some answers to your burning questions if you may kindly continue reading this article. 

Are the creators hinting at season 3? 

The tweet could indicate the upcoming seasons of the regency period drama. After all the show has been renewed for 2 more seasons! Season 1’s parting shot was a bee buzzing on a windowsill. It hinted at Anthony’s story for Bridgerton season 2. Maybe we are going to get something similar to indicate season 3, if Benedict closing his painting kit box wasn’t it.

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According to Julia Quinn’s third novel, An Offer From A Gentleman, Benedict is poised to have a Cinderella love story. This may come off as surprising since he displayed attraction to Lord Henry Granville in the first season. But if Shonda Rhimes chooses to stay loyal to the books, Benedict will meet a mysterious lady at a masquerade ball, and thus, his love story will begin. 

With this tweet, fans are already anticipating the casting of Sophie Beckett. Will we get to hear more about this mysterious lady? Who knows, maybe yes!

On the other hand, this mysterious tweet could be leading to some news on when we can expect season 3. Or it could be confirmations of seasons after season 4. At the moment, all we can do it speculate.

But the surprise could something else altogether.

After Bridgerton season 2 it can skip Benedict and Sophie entirely and follow Eloise

Recently, Shonda revealed that the series may not follow the order of the books. In that case, Benedict and Sophie may be skipped entirely to focus on Eloise Bridgerton. Eloise stays disinterested in marriage until she makes acquaintance with Phillip Crane in Sir Phillip, With Love. However, there are likely to be some hiccups in the storyline considering the changes in the book and the introduction of a new love interest for Eloise in season 2. Erstwhile, we can get Colin and Penelope’s love story from Romancing Mister Bridgerton for season 3. Season 2’s end does place both characters in an arc similar to their story in the book.

But whatever it is, Bridgerton season 2 is surely not the end! So, quickly finish streaming new season to be ready for the surprise.

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