Claudia Jessie Comments on a Popular Fan Theory About Her Character, Eloise Bridgerton Being Queer

Claudia Jessie Comments on a Popular Fan Theory About Her Character, Eloise Bridgerton Being Queer

If there’s anyone who’s blunt in her words and feminist in her thoughts, that is Eloise from Bridgerton. She is the perfect blend of sarcasm and intellect. You will either find this young woman lost in her books or analyze everyone with her feminist POV. Even her piano tunes reflect feminine delicacy and a rebellious melody. While the first season focused on Daphnie, the second one will bring this unique character to light.

All this apart, did you know the actress playing this teenage girl is almost in her mid-thirties? Also that she ‘lives’ in a houseboat? Don’t worry, we have it covered for you. In a recent interview, Claudia Jessie shared a lot of things about herself and her character that we are absolutely in love with. Hence, without wasting much time, let’s explore her part of the story.

Jessie talks about the sexuality of Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise is depicted as a powerful female teenager, who didn’t back off from saying the right things or objecting to the then accepted societal norms such as marriage. Some fans have done a queer analysis of Jessie’s character, others saw her as an embodiment of asexuality. According to the actress, it is probably because she’s got a big brain and is a maverick. She tells The Telegraph, “But I do find it interesting that because she is a female character who doesn’t aspire to marriage, the assumption is that she is queer.” 

Further, she was asked if she would like Eloise to have her very own love story, to which she reacted optimistically. She asserts that watching Eloise unfold her relationship would be a rather intriguing sight. And we couldn’t agree more. “I would. People seem to have an idea that because she’s a feminist we shouldn’t give her a romance storyline, and I don’t think that’s right.” Jessie continues, “I think it would be interesting and gorgeous to be able to see how Eloise navigates all of that, to show that autonomy doesn’t have to mean an absence of love or partnership.”

The actress is neutral about having to enact a sex scene

Jessie probably didn’t ask for the erotic substance the drama stands firm on. But if it comes along in the future, she wouldn’t back off as well. “if the time comes for me to have a sex scene, it will be dealt with beautifully and professionally,” she tells The Telegraph. She has a real-life boyfriend, and the idea seems extremely wild to her. She will surely have to prepare herself beforehand.

Further, there are less amount of intimate or rather carnal scenes in the second season than in the first one. She aptly explains the reason behind that. While the gorgeous and sensual prompt of the first season hooked the audience, the second one will carry forward the story.

She says, “It (first season) was about the education of Daphne Bridgerton, who didn’t even know what self-pleasure was or how babies were made. Those sex scenes were integral to her storyline. But series two is about Antony and he’s not exactly virtuous. It’s not about discovering sex, it’s about the push and pull of relationships, and about whether characters should be together.”

The 32-year-old is thrilled to play the teenage girl, Eloise Bridgerton

Playing Eloise Bridgerton reminds the actress of watching Dawson’s Creek, “watching actors who were nearly 40 standing by their lockers, being like, ‘what’s going on with my teenage life?'”

Ultimately, Jessie says it was about finding how to play her in a way that felt natural. “I’m a 32-year-old woman with a very deep register, so I sort of had to figure out what makes her really youthful. And I guess what I came up with was the fact that she speaks incredibly quickly, and you can see that the thoughts that come in, they come straight out. And other than that I put it down to the fact that Nicola and I both have a lot of cheek,” she shares with The Telegraph.

Here’s something about Claudia Jessie to help you know her better

The actress did not belong to an extremely wealthy family and acting as a profession proved to be a gift in her life. She still lives a normal life in a houseboat in Birmingham. For almost a year, she went through a chronic mental health issue called depersonalization- observing oneself outside their body.

She is also not active in social media for similar reasons. “I’m really aware of how little it takes for me to not feel happy about myself. In the industry I work in, so much importance is placed on what someone looks like, what they’re wearing, where they go, who they hang out with and stuff. And those sorts of things really make me feel deeply uncomfortable and anxious,” she explains. She is grateful for the name and fame she’s earned through this character. And is currently working on another project in Bali.

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That’s all about Claudia Jessie and her character Eloise from our side today. Do let us know what do you think about this teenage girl in Bridgerton.

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