Fans Shut Doors for Henry Cavill, as They Deem ‘Most Handsome Man 2022’ Is “Too Old” for THIS Netflix Series

Fans Shut Doors for Henry Cavill, as They Deem ‘Most Handsome Man 2022’ Is “Too Old” for THIS Netflix Series

The news of Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher was heart-crushing for the fandom while his DCEU exits just left them shattered. Fans have been arguing and urging the British actor to reprise his famous role as the white-haired monster slayer. It was a double shock for people since many thought that he left the Netflix series to make a comeback as Superman. And this was certainly aggravating for them since they won’t see him in either of the roles now.

Viewers have always loved the actor for his skillful performance as the savior of the world in one way or another. Both of his fan-favorite roles interpret him as a powerful fighter who works for the betterment of this planet. Not to mention, fans have the heartiest desire to see him donning the iconic suit of James Bond saying he would fill the shoes rightly. Many even think that there is no such character in the entertainment industry that Cavill cannot take charge of. However, there is one role that fans think is not good for the actor, as the most handsome man is “too old for it.”

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Fans do not want to see Henry Cavill in this popular Netflix show 

In the latest report rolled out by Startefacts, fans do not wish to see Henry Cavill in Netflix’s historical romance Bridgerton. According to the fandom of this enormous popular show created by Chris Van Dusen, the 39-year-old actor is not a good fit for the series.

To start from the beginning, a Cavill fans post on Reddit that he would love to see the actor as Michael Stirling in the upcoming seasons. Seeing that, all the Bridgerton fans quickly jumped in to express their disagreement. They gave many reasons for the Man of Steel alum why he cannot be a part of this show.

Henry Cavill left the witcher and superman. from BridgertonNetflix

Firstly, they stated that he is one of the most famous names in the industry and it is beneath him to be cast here. Secondly, the show has introduced fans to new faces and they like them in this whole classic fashion. Also, many Redditors believe that he is too old for it since the show is about marriage and young love.

Most importantly, the Stardust star might never agree to do this seeing how he left The Witcher at its peak. Well, it is evident that Henry Cavill chooses his characters that align with him and do not easily get convinced. Meanwhile, there are reports coming in that the actor is ready to join MCU after his exits from both significant projects.

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What do you think? Do you want to see the very romantic side of this action superhero in Bridgerton?

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