“I got mono…,”- Throwback to the Most Hilarious Christmas Game With Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Seacrest Along With Kelly Ripa

“I got mono…,”- Throwback to the Most Hilarious Christmas Game With Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Seacrest Along With Kelly Ripa

Although Ryan Reynolds appeared in the rendition of A Christmas Carol in 2022, it seems like it was manifested three years ago when he appeared on the show Live with Kelly and Ryan. The way he dressed for the show and talked about his famous Christmas song, it was sure that Ryan had once in his career done a Christmas film.

He had a fun time with the hosts, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, which eventually turned out to be a great episode. The hosts took their creativity to the next level and made both Ryan and Kevin compete against each other in the battle of lying. Sounds fascinating, right? But there is more to this story, where Ryan Reynolds reveals who gave him mono.

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Ryan Reynolds vs. Ryan Seacrest: who is the better liar?

Ryan Reynolds can be counted as one of those who present a lie so skillfully that it becomes hard for the person to judge whether he is lying. And as the Deadpool actor appeared on the stage of Live with Kelly and Ryanhe immediately knew he had met his match (Ryan Seacrest). The game Ryan vs. Ryan was that both of them would say a Christmas-related fact, and Kelly would have to guess who was telling the truth. And she will get a Kelly and Ryan mug on spotting the correct “Lyin-Ryan.”

One of the most hilarious facts that Ryan stated was that the worst gift that anyone ever gave him was Mono as a kid. When asked Ryan Seacrest, he said that someone, whose name rhymes with “Smia,” gave him Mono when he was 12. On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds got it “the usual way.”

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Well, it was easy for kelly to spot that Ryan Seacrest was telling the truth, but both of them were lying. So you can easily say that both Seacrest and Reynolds are great liars. Ryan also expressed his love for the film Elf, in which Will Ferrell played the lead role, which turned out to be true.

Eventually, Ryan Reynolds got lucky that he got to work with his favorite Christmas movie star in Spirited. It was Ryan’s first musical ever, which he allegedly was very nervous about.

Although the film was not a great success, people sure loved Ryan’s look on the show. Let us know what you think about his sweater.

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