Fans Praise Grace Randolph for Disclosing Major DC Scoops Including Henry Cavill Exit

Fans Praise Grace Randolph for Disclosing Major DC Scoops Including Henry Cavill Exit

Not long before, James Gunn and Peter Safran laid the groundwork for the future of DC studios, giving the fans a lot of clarity. However, not long before Gunn made the announcements, the studio was going through a state of turmoil. Projects were being canceled and renowned actors were leaving the franchise. Amidst all the confusion, various industry insiders were making predictions about the franchise’s future. While most of the individuals were randomly making speculations and spreading rumors, Grace Randolph, on the other hand, had predicted some major DC scoops, including the Henry Cavill exit, accurately. 

As we all know, one of the biggest shockers for fans was the franchise axing out Henry Cavill as Superman. Not long ago, Gunn addressed the Cavill question. The DC boss revealed that the actor never signed an official contract with the franchise. As surprising as it sounds, Randolph already revealed the same even before Gunn made an official announcement. And unsurprisingly, the fans were mesmerized as they stormed Twitter with praises for Randolph.

Twitter lauds Grace Randolph for her accurate predictions

Not long before Super Bowl 2023, Grace Randolph took to Twitter as she flaunted all her correct predictions about DC’s future. Apart from Cavill’s departure, Randolph was also correct about the studio removing Keaton and Supergirl from the Flash film. Twitter was full of praises for Randolph, as a plethora of users lauded the film critic for disclosing some major DC Scoops even before official announcements were made.

Fans ask Randolph to predict DC’s future

Meanwhile, owing to Randolph’s perfect track record, fans even started asking her about the future of various other DC characters including Batman. Randolph also shed some light on Cristian Bale’s future as Batman in the franchise even though James Gunn revealed that a new actor will play the character. Giving some clarity to the fans, Randolph revealed, He(James Gunn) specifically said a new actor for Batman going forward, NOT for the end of The Flash movie.”

At the same time, the American media personality also made a new prediction. Per Randolph, the upcoming sequel to Flash will feature another cameo that is yet to be revealed. However, a few other fans called out the media personality and even asked her to not spoil the surprises from the films.

Randolph concluded the tweet as she wrote, “See you for the SuperBowl trailers tomorrow!” As per The Direct, the SuperBowl event also featured the trailer for the much anticipated Flash movie, which the fans lapped up. For now, the film will premiere worldwide on 16th June 2023. 

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Considering, Randolph’s prediction, who do you think will feature in the cameo scene in this upcoming Flash movie? Do let us know in the comments below.

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