Redditors Re-Cast DC Characters With Ana de Armas, Sydney Sweeney, Nicholas Hoult and Others

Redditors Re-Cast DC Characters With Ana de Armas, Sydney Sweeney, Nicholas Hoult and Others

Not long ago, the new DC bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran, gave the fans an insight into what the future holds for the franchise. Gunn revealed a number of upcoming projects that will make their way to our screens as DC enters a new era. And one of the hottest points of contention, whenever a new film or show is announced, is surely the cast and crew. As fans, we often have our own preferences for actors and how a character should be portrayed. And recently, Redditors chose actors including Sydney Sweeney to re-cast major DC characters.

We are no strangers to fans creating an imaginary cast for their favorite films and shows. While some fan castings come to life, others only end up as a wish. Since a number of renowned actors left DC and other’s future remains, this gives the fans an opportunity to create a dream cast. And recently, a reddit user re-cast some of the popular DC characters.

Crazy fan-castings featuring Sydney Sweeney by a Reddit user takes the internet by storm

Following the recent updates at DC studios, fans can hope for a secure future for the franchise. Even though the new changes will take some time to settle, fans have opened up about what they wish to see in the franchise on various platforms, including Reddit. Recently, a Redditor shared his dream cast for various DC roles, including Batman, Harley Quinn and Joker on the platform. The DC comic page on Reddit revealed the actors he wishes to see play the roles. For Batman, the user suggested Nicholas Hoult while he put forward Euphoria fame Jason Walton as Robin.

Others in the fan cast include Sydney Sweeney as Harley Quinn. While this is just a mere fan suggestion, the actress might be making her superhero genre debut soon alongside Dakota Johnson in an upcoming MCU project. Apart from Sweeney, the cast featured Bill Skarsgård as Joker, Ana de Armas as Talia al Ghul, Booboo Stewart as Nightwing, and Leslie Grace as Batgirl. The Redditor re-cast William Dafoe as Ra’s Al GhulTrue Detective actress Alexandra Daddario as Catwoman and Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon.

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Soon after these re-castings surfaced on Twitter, the fans did not seem to agree with the user’s suggestions. However, a handful of them seemed to agree with the idea of casting Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon.

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