After Starring in Marvel’s ‘Madame Web’ a Fan Imagines Sydney Sweeney in a New DCU Avatar

After Starring in Marvel’s ‘Madame Web’ a Fan Imagines Sydney Sweeney in a New DCU Avatar

Sydney Sweeney has made a unique identity for herself in Hollywood. She is mostly known for playing the role of the ‘lost in herself’ girl, who is struggling with her emotions. But this year, Sweeney has decided to break out of her comfort zone and play different types of roles. Hence, she brought good news to her fans as she announced her role in Marvel’s upcoming Madame Web. She will be starring alongside Dakota Johnson in this film, which will release in February next year.

Apparently, Madame Web is not the only superhero film this Spokane native will be starring in. She has also signed a deal with Sony Pictures for the adaptation of the 1960s erotic sci-fi comic Barbarella. In addition to being the lead in this film, she will also be producing it. But is it the end of Sweeney’s romance with superhero films, or is there more to come?

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Can Sydney Sweeney be the next Supergirl?

Superhero movies have always been an enormous source of viewership all over the world. Be it Marvel or DCU, fans have always wanted to see their favorite superheroes on the screen. As he took over the DCEU, James Gunn recently announced some of the potential projects. One of them is Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which the production will try to make a million times better than 1984’s failed adaptation of the story of this Superman’s cousin.

However, the cast, including the lead actor, has not been announced yet. And since Sydney Sweeney has decided to dedicate this year to primarily superhero films, fans have been wondering how she would look in the other superhero avatars. In the same link, Giant Freaking Robot created a fanart to see what Sweeney would look like as Supergirl.

It won’t be wrong to say that she looks amazing as Supergirl; however, her plausible chances to get the role are very low since she is working with Marvel at the moment. Moreover, apart from superhero movies, the White Lotus star has also signed a rom-com opposite Top Gun: Maverick starring Glen Powell. Overall, you will be seeing a lot more variations of Sweeney’s avatars in the present and upcoming years.

Do you want the 25-year-old to collaborate with DCU in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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