Michael Keaton’s Return, Supergirl, and 2 Barry Allens, Fans Can’t Keep Calm as ‘The Flash’ Wrecks Havoc With the Superbowl Trailer

Michael Keaton’s Return, Supergirl, and 2 Barry Allens, Fans Can’t Keep Calm as ‘The Flash’ Wrecks Havoc With the Superbowl Trailer

Super Bowl Sunday became a lot more exciting as the most-awaited update on the upcoming DC film came out. With a lot of changes going on in the DC Universe, fans were eagerly waiting for the updates for their favorite The Flash. When James Gunn revealed the first phase of the DCU’s upcoming projects, fans couldn’t keep their calm. However, the wait is over as the fresh Flash trailer has arrived.

The story of the film took its inspiration from Flashpoint. The trailer teased the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman along with Ben Affleck’s Batman. As James Gunn previously revealed, he would tell the story of Supergirl as well. Therefore, viewers will see the introduction of Supergirl in this film as well. And of course, Ezra Miller came back to portray the iconic character of Flash. Now, what would be the story of the film?

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What can you expect from The Flash film?

In the film, Barry would try to change the events from the past by traveling back in time. However, his attempts to save his family would turn the future with disastrous events. Now, Barry is trapped in a reality where Zod has come back to impart complete destruction. The thrill comes in with the fact that there are no superheroes around Barry, who could help him.

Now, the only option he has is to run for his life as fast as he can. However, will running for his life and making the ultimate sacrifice be enough to save the world? Will he be able to fix what he tried to do in the first place? How will both Batmen return to help the Flash? While it is an exciting turn to wait for, fans will have to wait till the 16th June 2023, and they are beyond excited.

Fans lose it as the official trailer lands

While expressing their excitement about the film, fans are happy to see Keaton’s return to the DC Universe. Some fans are excited to see both Batmen, while others say they can’t wait to watch the film. They say this is the best film ever. People also remembered Henry Cavill as he shot a cameo for the film before getting axed.

What are your thoughts about the trailer? Are you also The Flash fan? Tell us how much excited you are about the film in the comment box below while exploring more about the original source here.

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