Fans Find New Ways to Bring Henry Cavill Back Into the Fold Alongside Ben Affleck After His Cast Out From Superman

Fans Find New Ways to Bring Henry Cavill Back Into the Fold Alongside Ben Affleck After His Cast Out From Superman

The exit of Henry Cavill from DCU was certainly the most stressful situation for Superman fans. His cameo in the superhero film Black Adam filled them with hope. Fans were feasting on the news that the British actor has a bright future in this universe. Alas! All those promises shattered into pieces after David Zaslav hired James Gunn and Peter Safran to spearhead the DCU forward.

While taking the rein of the DC Studios into their hands, the duo instantly discarded all the past projects. They benched the Man of Steel star to build a new vision for this iconic superhero, therefore, to start everything from scratch. But as we know, fans are not the ones to accept their defeat so easily. They found new ways to bring their beloved actor back into the fold, and this time alongside Ben Affleck.

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Fans offer Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck for new DC casting 

Hollywood Reporter scrolled out a report on January 31 in which they unveiled James Gunn’s future plans for the DC Universe. The new co-CEO has flashed some details of the upcoming projects introducing big heroes on the silver screen. “One of our strategies is to take our diamond characters — which is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman — and we use them to prop up other characters that people don’t know,” remarked Gunn.


While a fan on Twitter proposed the beloved actors Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck being cast in the upcoming film The Authority. The user named Croc posted a tweet with the idea of seeing the Enola Holmes star as Apollo and Batman as Midnighter.

However, if we base it upon Gunn’s plan to cast younger actors, these two might not be his choice. As the director wants to bring faces into the universe who can work for the coming decades. But as we know the love fans have for Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, it is understandable they would be their favorite choice.


The Authority will follow the journey of the team of ruthless superheroes who would do anything to protect Earth. The movie is set in the late 1900s, inspired by an imprint of an artist known as WildStorm. In his statement, Gunn has revealed that they are not going to frame the storyline on the conventional distinction of good and bad. Therefore, they will explore all the possibilities that they can find in the comics.

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