From Vecna to Homelander, Fans Predict the New Joker for James Gunn’s DC Universe and Batman Movie

From Vecna to Homelander, Fans Predict the New Joker for James Gunn’s DC Universe and Batman Movie

With the history of superheroes in the entire universe, villains have their own supremacy. Without a worthy villain, superheroes cannot exist. While talking about villains, how can we forget one of the wildest villains from the DC Universe: Joker? Well, with James Gunn announcing his plan for the upcoming DC projects, he revealed he would tell the story of Batman as well. And with Batman, Joker also comes along. Fans are eager to know about the appearance of Joker as well.

Since James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the DCU, they started rebooting the entire structure. Well, in his recent announcement video, Gunn revealed storytelling was always supreme. Therefore, he wants to reintroduce the DCEU to the world. One of his plans for the upcoming projects is The Brave and The Bold, where he would be telling a story of Batman trying to train his 12-year-old son. When one talks about Batman, Joker automatically comes to their mind.

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Fans wonder who would be the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie

The Brave and The Bold is a DC comics series that Gunn wants to present as a film in his upcoming plans. Finally, fans are happy that they will get to see a different side of their beloved Batman. The movie will tell the story of Robin. Well, while they talk about the film, they never forget the thrilling villain from the series, Joker. And so fans predicted who will portray the great villain in the film.

While there have been several portrayals of the character by different actors, this is a major question among fans. Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix are the two actors who are known for their portrayal of the villain. But will they be back or Gunn will hire someone else? Fans think Vecna portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower will nail the character of Joker too. While others think of Willem Dafoe, Cary Elwes, and even Johnny Depp as fitting for the character.

While fans have different actors in their minds suitable to play Joker, do you have anyone in your mind? Who, according to you, is suitable to portray a wicked character as Joker? Feel free to share your views with us in the comment box below while exploring more about Joker here.

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