Fans Demand Netflix to Stop Showing Previews on the App With Spoilers, But There’s a Fix Already

Fans Demand Netflix to Stop Showing Previews on the App With Spoilers, But There’s a Fix Already

If there is one thing that all of humanity hates more than a Monday, it is getting spoilers for their favorite shows and movies. I mean, we all hate every single person who goes out and spoils a show or a movie for someone. That is probably the most horrific thing you can do with anyone. But, it is understandable if a person does that to you since some of them can be a pain, but what if the very medium you are watching the show on spoils it for you? Netflix is indeed a culprit for exactly that!

Fans of multiple shows and movies have been going ga-ga over the fact that Netflix ruined their watching experience by spoiling the plot. Yes, they say that the previews and trailers that play automatically on the app/site are actually giving away huge spoilers, and honestly, they give it away at times. However, is there no way to avoid this?

Why do fans say that Netflix spoils movies and shows for them?

Well, this seems to be a problem for a lot of the people all around the globe, but it was /DromedaryGold on Reddit, who pointed it out specifically. They wrote about how Netflix’s auto-play feature for the trailers and snippets spoiled the latest season of Stranger Things for them, even before they sat down with their family to see it. And it’s not even like those “no context spoilers“, the snippets we see actually sometimes ruin the entire episode or a movie for us. Hence, when one person talked about it, many more joined the conversation and shared their spoiler stories. “Kinda ruined Ozark for me…,eks24715 wrote.

Another reason people hate the auto-play trailers is that it uses up data without even our permission. While this seems to be a minor issue for many, people who have a data cap truly understand why this matters a lot. “Wait, are you serious?? I need to go look that up now. I have a data cap (yay Comcast) and that shit just automatically loading and playing pisses me off!wrote a Redditor.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

Well, it might be a surprise for many, but a solution already exists for this very problem. All you need to do is log in to your Netflix account on a computer and then you will be able to deactivate trailers and clips in your account. So, save yourself from all those spoilers and unnecessary data usage and turn off videos and clips on your Netflix accounts now!

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