Fans Come in Support After ‘Heartstopper’ Fails To Win at National TV Awards

Fans Come in Support After ‘Heartstopper’ Fails To Win at National TV Awards

Time and again, Netflix releases a variety of shows and movies on its platform. From horror and fiction to sci-fi and fantasy, the streamer provides a massive collection for viewers to binge on. However, every once in a while, a new project makes its way to the platform that stands apart and carves out a niche for itself. Heartstopper is one of those shows. Live adaptations of novels have always been a hot topic, and fans cannot seem to get enough of the shows and projects based around them. Likewise, Hearstopper is also based on graphic novels of the same name by series creator Alice Oseman

Heartstopper was amongst the best shows Netflix produced this year, as a result of which the show won a lot of praise and appreciation from both fans and critics. However, during a recent awards ceremony, Heartstopper failed to win any awards. Shortly afterward, the fans took to Twitter to voice their support for their favorite show. But what did the fans have to say about the show? Let us find out.

Heartstopper wins the hearts of the audience

Heartstopper is one of the best shows released on Netflix this year. Shortly after its release, the teen drama series took the internet by storm, gathering plenty of love and appreciation from fans worldwide. Despite being such a loved show, Hearstopper failed to win awards at the National Television Awards. The LGBTQ+ drama was so loved that the fans and even celebrities could not stop themselves from lauding the show even though it did not win any awards and took to Twitter to show their love and appreciation. Here are a few reactions from the fans: 


Undoubtedly, the NTA disappointed the fans as Hearstopper did not win any awards at the ceremony. But, a very popular figure came in support of the show.

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Even though the teen drama failed to win at the NTA, it took home a few awards at the Attitude Awards. Shortly after its win at the Attitude Awards, British singer and composer, Sir Elton John took to Twitter and praised the show, especially Kit Connor, calling him a star.

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